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The Base: Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation ReviewSo I may have gotten my mits on what has been touted as “glowing, youthful skin in a bottle” or the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation.  I’ve already demo’d application of this baby in my Get Ready With Me – Summer Day Event video, and proclaimed my excitement over finally getting it in my huge Haul. I thought after travelling with it, applying it during 80% humidity days and all in all playing around with this foundation I’d put my thoughts down. Here we go my dewy skin “I can’t feel it on my face” loving friends…So what is it? A light to medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish. It’s got a bit more coverage than your tinted moisturiser, like the Chantecaille Just Skin, and it’s fairly build able to a medium coverage where you need. It’s called a “youth boosting perfect skin foundation” and this is quite a claim; if you’ve got fairly good skin then yes it’ll make you look perfect easy peasy. If you’ve got scarring, pigmentation et al you’ll need to beef it up with some concealer to look perfect. It’s got SPF 15 but I haven’t noticed any flashback or wonkiness in flash photography with it, but SPF 15 isn’t enough protection for day to day use anyhow so you’ll need to layer it over some proper SPF 30 or 50. It wears well through the day, I get a bit too shiney in my T-zone without some powder and you’ll need to really like the dewy look to fall in love.

DSC_5228The packaging is a nice, study plastic bottle that stands n the cap. To dispense you simply squeeze it, it’s the same packaging as the Radical Skincare Skin Perfecting Screen and I think the same as the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Foundation. It’s great for travel and stores well, no spills or glass bottles here. You get 40ml of product which is 10 more than others and that’s nice.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation 2 Fair ComparisonI’ve got the shade 2-Fair which I got based on the fact that it’s Anna’s shade and I often match her choices to a T. I’d say it might be a smidgen too light for me in the summer, when my body has gotten a hint of colour and while my face is pale my body isn’t. As you can see in the swatches, it’s a bit lighter that Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk in 4, a bit more neutral than the Dior Skinstar in 010 which is fairly pink anyway. I’d say it’s very very close to Chanel’s B10 (Vitalumiere Aqua) but is less warm.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation Swatch ComparisonBecause of the sheer formula the slight difference in the shades isn’t as noticeable when it’s blended. You can see the Giorgio Armani and Chanel are pretty much the same to this when blended, on the face I think the Charlotte Tilbury pulls a smidge lighter but that’s not something a bit of bronzer or even a warming primer can’t solve. I’m considering getting a darker shade just so I can do the mix and match thing, but that’ll have to wait a while.
At first I thought “oh this foundation is nice”, however as time went on I found myself reaching for it more and more. The greatest thing is how well it mixes with others, I’m a solid fan of mixing foundations and formulas to achieve exactly what you’re feeling at the moment. This doesn’t overwhelm other foundations with it’s luminosity, it just boosts them to a glowy-er more natural finish and makes them a pleasure to apply – but more on that next week.

DSC_5243The bottle directs you to shake well before use, so it’s much like the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua type of thing. The finish of the two is similar to a degree, but the Charlotte Tilbury feels more nourishing and plumping on the skin – to me this effect is noticeable. However I find that the Chanel lasts a bit longer on me and doesn’t require powdering. Fingers are the recommended method of application, and to get extra coverage you need to pat this on. I’ve applied it with a beauty blender, my LY48 and the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage and overall fingers are the best for this and I like to go over  it all with a damp Beauty Blender for a finishing touch. If you’re a fan of a dewy glowy look, have dehydrated skin that eats up fo this is the one. However, if you’ve combo-oily skin it might be a bit much unless you commit to a powder & blot every hour or two. I haven’t found this foundation to cling to dry patches or around my nose, I’ve used it with the Tarte Clean Slate primer and can say that a mattifying pore filling primer knocks back the shine. But I wanna glow you know, so a radiance boosting primer is perfect with this for me.

So, have you tried the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation? What are your thoughts?

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Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation
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