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Quick Review: Hourglass Diffused Heat

Hourglass Diffused HeatA little while back I hauled this little fella from Hourglass. I loved the formula of the blushes from the palette, and decided to venture into a slightly different shade range with Diffused Heat. It’s described as a vibrant poppy shade – and it might be, but mine has a very low amount of “heat” in it. Nonetheless I’m very happy with this purchase, let me tell you why.

Hourglass Diffused Heat Swatch
L-R: Radiant Flush, Incandescent Electra, Mood Exposure, Diffused Heat

As you can see in the swatch my Diffused Heat is very, very pale. In online swatches its pretty much Radiant Flush’s slightly more glittery twin. On the face is just gives a beautiful luminescent flush to the cheeks, to me it looks exactly like the colour that I flush naturally which is perfect. Yes I love a good old peachy pink blush or a rosey tone but this is unlike anything else I own.
As with all Hourglass powders it has a beautiful finish, smooth and buttery on the skin. The shimmer that is noticeable in the pan in direct sunlight isn’t present on the skin at all.

So far it’s been my most reached for blush for fuss free makeup days, it’s an easy natural shade on me. The slight bit of shimmer in it really helps skip the highlight and it give my face that hint of shape that it needs. The awesome Hourglass packaging doesn’t hurt either.

Hourglass Diffused HeatThat’s it for me, I guess I’ll talk a bit about this blush in my monthly favourites as it’s a clearly going to go in the pile. While it isn’t exactly as I expected, with the small amount of “heat” in there, but it’s turned out for the best.

Ever have a product that you expected one thing from but got something else.
Did it still work out for you like me or did you end up passing it over?

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  • I like the way it looks and I so want to try it, but haven’t had a chance yet. Those shades looks so pretty and I think it would give such a nice glow x

    • Dar

      It really does give off this amazing glow! I really love these blushes and would recommend checking them out (or waiting for the monster palette they’ve got for the holidays!)

  • Sadly hourglass isn’t available yet in my country 🙁

    Extraordinary Diary

    • Dar

      Don’t despair! Nordstorms and SpaceNK do international delivery now so you can get your hands on Hourglass (even if you need to pay for shipping)