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Quick Review: Tom Ford Seductive Rose

Review Tom Ford Seductive RoseI recently got my hands on the Tom Ford Beauty eyeshadow quad in 12 – Seductive Rose. I’m definitely having a bit of a rose moment lately, if you missed it. This palette is the pinnacle of Luxury Beauty with four beautifully complex shades that are all rosey. I went with it because it was the one that drew my eye; with those two gorgeous glitter shades how could I not? So I got over myself, used it and can now tell you my thoughts.
It’s a gorgeous palette. Yup that’s for sure, you’ve got a light pink shade that’s got a bit of a fuchsia shimmer going thru it that’s great as a brightening all over the lid shade or packed onto the inner corner for some serious pow. There the two Celestials, or rather Tom Ford’s adult glitters, these are like a glimmer starry night’s sky. They aren’t garish like traditional glitter (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but it’s more of a gentle sparkley topcoat very sophisticated. There’s a lighter rosey pink shade and a deeper purpled mauve. To round things off there the darkest shadow, the purpled burgundy which is amazing for smoking out the lash line. I also like mixing the first shade and the burgundy together for an all over the lid shade. As can be expected these are buttery and smooth, blend like a dream and all the rest of the beauty world chatter about eyeshadows.

Review Tom Ford Seductive Rose
My swatches don’t do it justice really, these apply differently onto the eye with a brush than with a finger onto the arm. It’s also quite hard to photograph the glitters and convey the effect they give – it’s all a bit light in tone, this isn’t a very smokey eye night time palette but rather useful for daytime (if you do daytime glitter) or a more casual eye look for night. It’s not a standalone bare bones makeup kit item, you’ll need something matte to really round it out but overall it’s a pretty great set of shades for those who like rosey, dusky shades or have green/hazel eyes they want to make pop.

Tom Ford Seductive Rose Quad SwatchesI really like how different these shades are to the rest of my fairly neutral eye-shadow collection. It’s not so bold that it’s a bright turquoise blue or a super cool lavender tone, those aren’t suitable for me in my opinion. The warmed pink shades that have a bit of a cooler fuchsia glimmer running thru them is perfect for someone who like neutrals (ME!) but wants a little something different. How many neutral palettes with a mid-tone brown and a bone or a cream can a girl want (the answer is an infinite amount) spicing it up is a good way to justify a frivolous purchase right? I’m having a warm, rosey pink moment yeah but this palette just fuels my love for rose-tinted shades even more, maybe I’m just a sucker for packaging but this one really blew me away.

Tom Ford Seductive Rose ApplicatorYou get sponge tip applicators which is a bit strange – but these aren’t your run of the mill scratch sponges. These are actually quite good for applying the Celestial shades onto the lid if you’d like to keep your fingers glitter free.

Tom Ford Seductive Rose ApplicatorThere’s also a brush tip, which isn’t the softest but I could make it work in a bind. The best thing is the precise sponge tip – it’s teeny tiny tip allows for really getting into the inner corner to place some glittery goodness for eye opening sparkle. While more of the time the applicators included in a palette make me cringe these don’t and that is amazing.

Tom Ford Seductive Rose ReviewThe packaging is obviously luxe, how can it not be, it’s Tom Ford Beauty. Nice hefty compact, with a bright clear mirror that can be opened all the way to that it lays flat with where the pans are. There’s a magnetic closure and the usual velvet-suede pouch. It’s in the signature Tom Ford colours, a metallic deep chocolate brown with gold detailing.

Tom Ford Seductive Rose ReviewAnd that is it for my gushing over this palette’s gorgeousness. I’m really drawn to these shades lately and feel that they really suit light complexioned brunettes like me. It’s not a stand alone, true, you’ll need a few matte shadows to really get a whole look going but with this added into the mix it’s just an entirely different look. I like to pair this with the Tarte Tartlet Palette it’s a perfect mix!
I’m currently debating springing for anther Tom Ford palette in the future – there’s so many options to choose from but I’m feeling partial to Orchid Haze as a perfect companion for Seductive Rose. I purchased mine at DutyFree here in Israel, where there’s a lovely counter and you can check stock online before arrival so you won’t be disappointed before your flight!

Have you got any Tom Ford eyeshadow quads? Other products from the line you’d recommend or want to check out?

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  • I only have one quad from TF and that’s in Cognac Sable and I love it. It’s mainly all warm tones with a gold pop of color so I think you’ll like it.

    • Dar

      I’ll be sure to check it out the next time I’m at a counter, thanks for the suggestion!

  • Love love love the look of this, all four colours are gorgeous!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • This is just my perfect palette, I adore TF & anything pink tones…goodbye healthy bank balance!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers