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The Base: CoverFX Custom Cover Drops in N25

CoverFX Custom Cover Drops N25 ReviewI’m a bit of a base lover so when I first heard of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops I thought “Ohhhh I need that.” Well, I do that with quite a few new launches but something that allows me to make anything a base or amp up the coverage of anther base that’s a little lacking? Sign me up. I’ve been using these for about a month since I hauled them with varying successes. Overall it’s a great product – but it could be so much better.
The base you mix it in with matters I cannot stress this enough. I know they say you can mix it in with anything, but if you mix it with a gel moisturiser that’s meant to sink in to the skin – your base will disappear faster than you can say “CoverFX”. I’ve found that mixing it with a primer is awesome, I really like it with my Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfecter for nice glow or with the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer.
It’s also great for a good boost on a sheer tinted moisturiser, it’s so hot that tinted moisturiser are all I can bear if leaving the house, however they don’t give me the coverage I want. Instead of taking a shower in concealer I just mix in 4 drops in and boom, coverage. I find that it needs setting with a powder because otherwise it’ll melt in the bazillion degree heat.

CoverFX Custom Cover Drops N25 review
Without anything the drops really are pure pigment, it’s just packed with it. One drop provides quite a good amount of coverage for a limited area – so if there’s something you really want to hide… Just pop on a bit of the stuff straight of of the bottle. It’ll set by itself this way and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

CoverFX Custom Cover Drops N25 reviewIf there’s one thing I hate about this product it’s the packaging. The bottle is light weight and glass, so it’s not travel friendly in the least. It’s also prone to falling over with little prompting – accidentally jar your table and it’ll topple. The rubberised dropper top is like a magnet for foundation finger prints, and the entire thing is a little fiddly. The product requires you to shake it up, but the screw top gets clogged with product and it squelches when you close or open it with a nice splatter when there’s enough product collected in the grooves. Ugh, it’s both a waste of product and gross.

CoverFX Custom Cover Drops N25The dropper is a good delivery system if it weren’t for all of the rest of the packaging issues. It’s an expensive product, not luxury but really more of a professional brand, but I’d expect it to be a bit better. Hopefully CoverFX will address this issue and fix it – maybe even a squeeze bottle like the Glossier Skin Tint or those Temptu Airbrush makeup bottles will be better. I find the dropper to be quite good, easy to control the amount of drops you place most of the time. I’ve had a few instances where it spewed out more drops than I intended – one will come out like a blob that’s more like three in one go. But overall it’s okay.

CoverFX Custom Cover Drops N25 swatchesGetting myself shade matched online was a bit of a hassle – and a gamble. It turned out alright, perhaps a smidge too light, I guess I could have gone with the N30 shade. However as we all do I’ve got a few foundations that are too dark and would like to finish up, I’ve got a Project Finish Foundation going.
You can see that it’s a bit warmer that the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder in Fair, which I’ve found runs pretty neutral. It’s a bit peachier that the quite yellow Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in 4.0 that I adore, and seems to me to be a nice in-between to Chanel’s B10 and B20 which I mix to get my perfect shade. Since it’s such a high coverage product getting a good shade match is crucial so I’d recommend going to try it in store if possible – if not consider what you’ll use it for. If you’d like to mix it with existing foundations that are a bit too light – go half or one shade darker than you think you need, if you’d like to mix it in with some too dark foundations go for half a shade lighter than you think you need. If there’s no half shades in your tone (P or G) then go with what you think you need based on swatches and pray.

So is this a must have, holy grail, what have I been doing with out it all my life product? No. It’s a good one but the packaging just kills me. I cannot wait for this to be done and over with – but I’ll keep using it as the product preforms well overall.  I bought mine off of with a 20% discount which softened the blow; it’s available in Sephora for you US gals and in SpaceNK for those of you in the UK.
The new Marc Jacobs (re)Marcable foundation seems like all I wanted these to be – and a bit more; it’s on my list.

So, have you tried these out? What did you think about the CoverFX Custom Cover Drops?
Or are you wanting to check them out?

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  • I didn’t pick this up cause it didn’t appeal to me. I think this would be great for makeup artist but for regular users I think it’s not really necessary unless you’re very picky with your foundation and you want to customize it yourself. I saw that Marc Jacobs came out with a foundation that is pure pigment too but doesn’t require mixing so I might get that just to try it out.

    • Dar

      I’ve head some great things about the new Marc Jacobs foundation – I’m definitely excited to check it out once I finish off some of my other foundations.
      It’s a pretty ‘gimmicky’ product, the cover FX, but I’m happy with it which is what matters right?

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