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The Edit: Rose

rosewood-dior-burberryIf you missed it I’ve been having a bit of a Rose moment. I got my hands on the Burberry Rosewood eyeshadow and the Dior Tie Dye Summer collections Dior Addict Fluid in Ciel Rose (that translates to Rose Sky). All in all the summer of 2015 has been a very Rosey one for me. Bad jokes aside, these two products just drove home to me how much I like rosier shades.
If I were to be asked “what’s you favourite Naked Palette?” I’d have to say Naked3. I love the pinked shades it features, and I find that these tones really make the green in my eyes pop. The same goes for blush, as much as I adore a good peachy shade the warmer pinker tones really suit me – I’ve been hard at work trying to finish my Chanel Jous Contraste in Rose Petale; see anther rose titled product. Even amongst my Hourglass Ambient Blush palette my favourite shade is “Luminous Flush” aka a champagne rose hybrid.

So yes, I’m definitely having a bit of a rose moment. While it hasn’t made it into my skincare in full force quite yet, I’m sure it will. With offerings from Fresh; I’ve sampled the Rose eye gel it’s heavenly, and Jurlique I’m sure I’ll find my rose-filled moisture saviour in a bit. Let’s not even start on the MV Organics Rose range, it’ll make my bank account so so sad.
Back to the two that drove this home, the lip colour is a warmed mauve-y based rose colour. On the lips its perfect, looks just similar enough to my natural lips to be natural but has the right amount colour to give my face some serious life. Add in the comfortable formula and a glossy finish that fades to a stain and me? I’m seeing it all thru those rose tinted glasses. Okay, I’ll stop with the rose references.

Burberry Rosewood Swatch Dior Ciel Rose SwatchBurberry’s Rosewood is anther mauveish shade, it’s like a warmed taupe even. It’s the perfect balance between a cool and warm shimmery shade that’s not glittery. I’m doing it no justice in my description that’s for sure. What I mean is, the simmer is cool based while the pigment itself is warm and that leads to a very unique finish on the eye. It’s, again, natural enough to look effortless but packs enough of a punch to give the eye definition and a bit of a pop.

DSC_5302It’s not so warm that it looks bronzey or goldfish, but not so cool that it looks like a silvery shadow. Overall it’s the perfect “I need something on, but can’t be bothered to blend 3 things together” shade. I find that it doesn’t crease on me alone – but also fades bit thru the day without a base. Above it’s applied dry to really pack a punch spritz some Fix+ or a Facial Mist to amp up the intensity and deepen things up. It’s not gonna be smokey by any means that way, but the colour will have greater depth.

Sometimes there’s just something about a colour family that you cannot put your finger on. It just works! Have you got a favourite rose product, be it in name or formulation? Let me know!

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  • Rosewood is my fave from that Burberry line, such a pretty all over the lid shade.

    • Dar

      It’s such a versatile shadow – and the formula is amazing!

  • It is a really nice and neutral eye shadow.

    • Dar

      And who doesn’t love a good neutral right?
      Thanks for leaving a comment

  • Rosewood looks so pretty!! I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award and I hope that you’ll check it out 🙂
    Mikayla |

    • Dar

      Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to check it out

  • I was debating between Pale Barley and Rosewood and chose Pale Barley, but I’m still eyeing Rosewood so so much. It looks lovely on you!

    I’m currently love the Marc Jacobs longwear lip pencil in prim(rose), it’s a beautiful shade and has crazy long-lasting powers.

    Cindy //

    • Dar

      Pale Barely is gorgeous too – and constantly sold out, haha.
      I think Marc Jacobs Beauty is an amazing line, I’ll be sure to check out that pencil!