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The Empties: August

DSC_5602I’ll maintain that “Empties” is a bit of a strange internet-beauty phenomena, but there’s something so satisfying about finishing products that I cannot resist it. I keep a bag in my bathroom, next the the actual bin where I place all the empty product containers. At a certain stage, I’d say 2 months or so it enters the “over flowingly dangerous” zone and then I know – it’s time to share this junk with the internet.

So yes, my trash is now out there for your viewing pleasure. There’s quite a few bits that I’ve already repurchased and using like Bioderma, Serozinc and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Others are waiting for me to polish off anther product before they’ll return to my routine and make me one happy happy girl agin; yes that’s the Oskia Renaissance Gel I’m talking about. Some stuff is simply meh  and due to that lack of memorability I imagine this’ll be the last mention of them. That’s the end of every beauty product, used up or not, in the bin.

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