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The Favourites : June & July

DSC_5140With the influx of new products I haven’t really had the time to truly appreciate things so they surpass the “oh hey, you’re nice” level to the “Oh hai! You, you’re amazing!” stage. This means that while the favourites from the past two months are few, they are most certainly loved. So what really made it amongst the masses of new products? These guys.

So yes there’s a little bit of everything in there, some skincare, a little body, perfume and the best of all makeup. Lip perfection is yet to be achieved but my duo is certainly getting me there, along with some glossy balminess from Clarins.

What have you been loving lately? Anything you’re excited for in August?

PS: I’ll be posting everyday in August as part of a self-challenge to produce awesome content. Expect a new post everyday and two (!!) videos each week, one on Tuesday and anther on Saturday so if you aren’t subscribed to me on Bloglovin’ or Youtube go go go!

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