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A CultBeauty Wishlist

Cult Beauty WishlistI’ve been pretty good with my sigh buying ban – while I have’t exactly stuck to it fully (there was a naughty Charlotte Tilbury buy in there), I’ve made it thru August unscathed. If unscathed is buying a lipstick, a lipliner and an eyeliner that is. However a little birdy may have told me that there’s a Cult Beauty goody bag to be had sometime in the near future (it may be wishful thinking). So I’m going to take my hard earned Rosh Hashanah gift money and put it to good use. Buying beauty bits clearly.What am I lusting after? Well the whole site usually. But I’ve narrowed it down to just eight products that seriously top my list. Pixi Glow Tonic one of my true loves are exfoliating toners, while I doubt that anything will be able to put a damper on my adoration of the P50,and this one has rave reviews from here to Jupiter. Showcased on Carline Hirons blog, and massively hard to get a hold of until recently, this used to be only sold at Pixi’s shop in London. Luckily that amazing girls over at CultBeauty have it stocked and ready to be applied onto ones face, with the usual glowing end result (and reviews). Because I clearly have a toner problem, next up is the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist. This one is pure luxury, it’s like a harder, better, faster, stronger version of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Said to have been used by the Queen of Hungary (once upon a time) this water toner is infused with floral essences and other goodies. I think it mainly smells amazing, I’ve gone liberal with it in store once and sadly put it back on the shelf due to the whopping price tag. But a girl can dream right?
In a totally cheesy segue, here’s something to apply whilst dreaming the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil! (That was majorly cheesy) this oil has been all the rage, and a friend told me it was sold out everywhere she went stateside, but after a few months of waiting it’s available at Cult Beauty. This oil has blue tansy in it, making it blue and all the better to weird out your bed partner with. It’s also got a carrier oil (avocado) in it and possesses a stabilised retinoid to aid with skin regeneration. It’s touted to aid fading scaring and acne control, all while boosting radiance and balancing skin. Seems a bit too good to be true? Maybe but I cannot wait to check it out.
MV Organics Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask Set it’s a clay powder that you mix with purified water to make yourself one fresh as hell clay mask. The set comes with a little brush for application and a metal bowl for your mixing magic. I love a mask, and one that includes some mixing will only make me happier. I love Oskia, so while needing a new eye treatment (I’m approaching 25 here, gotta take care of those eye bags) I turn to the brand. The Oskia Eye Wonder is said to be light and hydrating, whilst giving a brightening boost. What more can my tired eyes need? Other than a few more hours of sleep – I blame Youtube. This one is a 100% friend enabled, I rave about the Therapie Bath Salts all the time but the Mio Liquid Yoga are on my purchase list. My friend tried this and called it liquid vallium, and anything that’s relaxing and sleep inducing is something that I want/need/should have used yesterday. It’s also got yoga in the name. Count me in.
With my impending move to my new abode sometime around mid November, instead of focusing on buying a fridge I’m dreaming on accessorising my bathroom. There’s nothing as chic as the  Aesop Ressurection Hand Wash those signature brown bottles with the cream and black labels just do it for me. I’d spring for the hand balm but the large one is a bit too much for me, I’ll settle on the tube and let my guests deal. There’s a fancy hand wash, they can’t complain right? Last of all I’ve got a candle, because can a wishlist be complete without a candle? Nope. The Bella Freud Signature Candle is right up my street with it’s Oud based scent and the black ceramic is too chic to handle.

Now all I’ve got is to narrow this monster down to something a little bit more… realistic.

If you’ve never heard of Cult Beauty I’d highly recommend you check them out – there’s a well curated collection of beauty products that are hard to find there. They also offer international shipping (it’s free for orders over 50 pounds) and samples; for your first order they offer free international shipping regardless of the cost. Lovely customer service and it’s just an overall great site.

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  • I’ve heard great things about many of these products and there are some that I really want to try out! I just need to save some to get them, they are good and pricey!

    • Dar

      Indeed! Just stay away from the drugstore to save up your pennies it’s what I do 🙂

  • Stephanie Hartley

    I really want to get my hands on that PIxi product too – I’ve heard so many crazy good reviews and need a new toner!

    Steph –