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An Ode to: Feu de Bois

An Ode to: Feu de BoisTo celebrate the beginning of fall I burned a candle. It was not just any candle mind you, it was the candle. Let’s call it a bit of a catalyst candle, as its the one that started this thing I’ve got for them. It’s an utter cliche to be a beauty blogger with a penchant for burning fancy (read:expensive) candles, but when they smell like this one? I’ll skip off into the sunset with the title of “cliche” happily. The culprit in question? Diptyque’s Feu de Bois.
It’s a comforting scent, along with the effect a burning candle has. Unlike a room spray, which bursts into the room upon depression of the cap and mists the air with a bright vivid smell – I’m feeling a bit wordy and romantic today, a candle is more akin to a soft slowly released scent. It’s almost as if the scent envelopes you, light it on and within moment you start to smell and feel the difference in the atmosphere. While, covering a room with candles can be romantic – been there, done that. It’s also a fire hazard, and I wish I could afford to place a massive amount of diptyque candles around my room but I imagine it’d get overwhelming.

That softness is what draws me in to this candle, as well as the soft fire-smoke-woody-haze scent. Now soft does not mean no scent, because even not burning the smell of it lingers around the room but rather means that it isn’t harsh or jarring at all. It’ll sneak up on you as you’re burning, you may leave the room to make a cup of tea and return only to be hit with the sense of nostalgia this one evokes. To me it smells like burning wood in the fireplace of my childhood home in the states, and of roasted marshmallows on those momentous bonfires in Elementary school (removing the overwhelming scent of smoke that clung to everything). The more I burn it, the more new memories are imbued with it’s scent, taking on a new layer of nights spent cuddling in bed with my guy, a book and a cuppa.

The beginning of fall is the perfect time to start burning candles with it’s cooler nights and windier days. What’re you burning right now?

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