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Fashion Week Nails: Tadashi Shoji X Butter London Inspired

DSC_5900I’m not huge on nail art, since I’m far too prone to breaking my nails or chipping my polish with the washing up to spend a lot of time on them. Most designs are a bit too… neat and tidy for me; dots or stripes and most of the patterns I’ve seen require more effort than I’m willing to put in. However an Instagram picture from fashion week really sparked my interest. The nails at Tadashi Shoji had this care free abstract design that I just had to try.I was scrolling thru Instagram and then I saw this post from Lauren Conrad.Com’s account on my explore page.

Further research brought up some crucial info about the genius behind these amazing nails – Butter London’s Katie Jane Hughes! Her account is awesome and filled with beauty and nails inspiration.

Over on the Butter London page I got some much needed info on the particular shades used where were Cotton Buds, Molly Coddled and Muggins. Since I don’t own any of them (but will soon! They look amazing) I went to raid my stash and see if I can come up with a dupe – or three. To really understand the nail’s I looked for more photos, and the official Tadashi Shoji account was there to save the day, err night.

With all that inspiration and no white or lilac’s in my collection I decided to give it a pinky spin. I went for a sheer pink base from Ciate called “Amazing Gracie”, with a light pink for the base of the “stroke” using my ultimate light pink Nails Inc x Victoria Beckham “Bamboo White” and a dash of colour with Essie’s “Splash of Geraldine”. I prepped my nails with Nails Inc Nail Kale base coat and finished it all off with some Sally Hansen Insta Dry topcoat. Make sure to have some nail polish remover on hand to clean the brush in between, and use an old ratty brush to get so texture going. Once everything was on I gave my cuticles some love with the L’Occitane Cuticle Oil and was off.

Are you getting inspiration from Instagram and Fashion Week too? I can’t wait to discover what else is going to come!

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