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The Beauty Blender – Worth It?

BEAUTY BLENDERIs it worth they money is a question that can be applied to a lot of things – but when faced with one world famous, make up artist favourite, sponge you’ve gotta be curious. So is the little pink egg of a sponge called the Beauty Blender really worth those pennies you’ve been saving? In one word – YES. In many? I’ll explain
If you get bad flash backs to using sponge discs to apply your powder foundation in high school (It was from Clinique, and I fear to think what grew on that sponge) then don’t you worry, the Beauty Blender is nothing like the horrifying sponges of your past. It’s a little bit like that revelation you get when you first use a duo fiber MAC 187 brush to apply foundation – weird, shocking and then you fall in love.

It’s no a new thing, nope. But if you’ve yet to take the plunge do it!
If you find your brush is leaving things a tad streaky, if that concealer just won’t blend in or if you’re feeling like everything is making your dry patches appear like the California Draught is happening on your face then this is for you. Things looking a bit cakey? Blend it out with a damp BeautyBlender.

I like this for applying my foundation when I’m in a mixing mood, and for my concealer under the eyes. It’s awesome and blending in the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Pearl without disturbing the foundation beneath as well, so get your strobing action on.
It’s also awesome for applying powder – I know you’re think “A damp sponge and powder?” it works. Want some serious underage highlight power – use your concealer as usual, grab that Hourglass Diffused Light or ABH Banana or whichever light under eye powder you want collect some on the BeautyBlender and pat on. It’ll up the coverage and pigment of your powder without making things cakey or powdery looking, it’s make up magic.

I like to clean mine after every use, not always right after – it can wait for that evening, and to give it a nice deep cleanse when I do my brush washing. Bacteria is still a thing, it’s just… less of a thing if you do the washing more often.

Do you use the Beauty Blender? DO you love it too?

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  • I go through phases of using my sponges, this has definitely persuaded me to try them out again though!

    Maddy // £100 FeelUnique Voucher Giveaway

    • Dar

      The Beauty Blender is life changing – it’s superior to any other sponge or brush that I’ve tried!

  • I have RT ones but I heard they are not as good as these, so I so want to give them a try

  • I prefer brushes. At first I didn’t like that sponge that much but then I got used to it. It blends really nice (:
    Nati xx

  • Lissy Hayes

    I like to use blenders when I am working with really liquidy foundations I feel like then they work at their best a truly give you a flawless result!

    love, lissy @

    • Dar

      If you’re using a creamier – or even a stick foundation they also work well but require a bit more… “Bop”ing onto the skin.

      Thanks for the comment, XOXO.