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B-Day Make Up & What I did on my Birthday

Birthday MakeupI thought I’d give you all a quick “preview” of the makeup I used on my birthday – ’cause if there’s any day in the year where you should use all of your favourites at once it’s on your birthday. I’ve got a video with a tutorial of the look I did for my Birthday-Dinner, with pretty much the same products with just a few changed for a darker look. I also did a few things on the Thursday (and Friday!) so if pictures of food are you thing, keep reading.
Thursday was pretty chill, woke up and drank my usual coffee – bedside curtesy of my boyfriend. Then we watched some TV/Youtube and took our time. Around 11:00 we went for Brunch at one of my favourite spots “Benedict” it’s a chain so there’s one near my house and this location is right by the beach. It wasn’t an overly sunny day so it was quite nice to see the beach, and have a leisurely breakfast-lunch.IMG_6734It was followed by doing pretty much nothing all day (other than work, e-mails and the like) just chilling at home with the people I love and organising my makeup which is a favoured past-time for me. Friday was the day I got my “big” present (my boyfriend is buying me something when we’re in London next month) but my parents were kind enough to get me something I’ve been wanting for a long time:Theo The FoldA scottish fold kitten! I’ve been wanting anther cat for awhile now and while I’ve grown up with Siamese all my life I really wanted a British Shorthair or a Scottish Fold. We’ve named him Theodore (or Theo) and this post was delayed in the making since I’ve been playing with him all morning. For more Theo-cuteness check out my Snapchat (dardiamant)! I still can’t believe he’s a real cat and not a stuffed animal.
We spent most of Friday morning driving over to get him, having lunch at my Boyfriend’s parents’ house and driving back.
We had dinner reservations at Pastel, one of my family’s favourite fine-dinning spots. My dad brought a very good bottle of wine from his stash err… “collection” that went along with a lovely lovely meal. I didn’t take any pictures of the starters because we ate them before I could think about it even. We had the Peach Salad, with endive and Halumi cheese, Chicken Liver Pate and the Tuna Sashimi that had a bit of chili and was served with cucumbers. For mains I got the Steak Filet because it’s my favourite to eat out and the boyfriend got the same, it was so good I was speechless. My dad had grilled fish and mum went for two warm starters as a main scallops and asparagus shrimp. Here’s some pictures that don’t do the food justice.pastel dinner

If you’re ever looking for a truly great restaurant in Tel Aviv, with amazing ambiance and design Pastel is the one. Service is always good, without being snooty and the food is consistently amazing. We’ve been going there since they opened and have never been disappointed.

Check back tomorrow for the tutorial!

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  • Bella

    Great photo diary!! How cute is Theodore?! And your celcbrations sound lovely, being close to your loved ones! Hopefully I’ll be brave enough to visit Tel Aviv (and the rest of Israel) someday.

    • Dar

      Theo is most definitely the cutest thing ever! I’d venture out and say that Tel Aviv is as safe as any other big city in the west, maybe even more so because of the vigilance everyone practices. I’d highly recommend visiting – there’s great food, weather and more beaches than you can handle (and a happening art scene too!).

  • expatmuaddict

    Oh my goodness your kitten is heart meltingly gorgeous!! Happy birthday Dar!!

    • Dar

      Thank you – I can’t believe he’s an actual living kitten and not a stuffed animal 🙂

  • Great photos, Happy Birthday !!!

    Zeynab x
    The beauty Load

  • tiffanytales

    Really love your blog! Just followed you on Bloglovin’ : ).

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog