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5 Things to Check Out This Weekend

fivethingswkndIt’s well into Saturday – and while I’d had plans of being productive and filming things, that didn’t happen. Sometimes a lazy Saturday is in the books; I’ve spent the day chilling at home. It’s bee filled with reading reading things online and offline, watching some Youtube videos and playing with makeup. I’ve nowhere to go, a full face on and I couldn’t care less. So what should you check out? These!

Grace’s Get The Glow, Skincare Post

I’m a sucker of glow, it’s been established. It’s true, you can slather yourself in luminizers and highlighters until the end of time – but a true glow? That can only be had from some serious skincare. Grace has an amazing roundup of products that’ll help you achieve that well-rested, taken care of skin. There’s a few of my favourites in the line up *Oskia!* and something that I’ve got a review on coming up later in the week. Once you’ve read that post get ready to spend some time browsing the rest of it because Grace has some truly great content.

The Atlantic’s If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy

We all use technology, in this piece there are a few points for though regarding how tech giants and governments are using the things we’ve become so reliant on to monitor us. Last year I took a course on Privacy and technology, I’ve always found the topic interesting and I’ve found the continued discussion of it to be even more interesting. When someone finds out that google scan all their gmail e-mails they feel violated – yet they aren’t willing to pay for a privately hosted e-mail. To me privacy is all give and take, I’m well aware of being monitored but why would I care that my cell phone can know where I am at any time when I post a geo-tagged photo of my burrito to Facebook anyways?

Karima McKimmie’s Halo Eye Tutorial

If you’re in the mood for a little makeup playtime this is the one to take a jab at this weekend. Despite being an UD sponsored video, Karima clearly explains the technique to create a halo smokey eye. It’s dramatic but eye opening, and in my subscription box it was a definite change. Youtube is rampant with dramatic winged liner tutorials, and cat-eyed smoky eyes. This soft and hazy smokey eye really opens up the eye while still being dark and sultry. I think it’s super flattering for those of us with a more hooded eye that can’t really do the “traditional” smokey eye due to lack of lid space.

Ivan and Alyosha’s All the Times We Had

I stumbled onto this album on Spotify in my Discover tab, and it’s perfect for my current mood. It’s my usual kind of folky-indie rock, with acoustic guitars and jangling drums and softly sung lyrics. For me it’s the kind of music to listen to while reading a few articles and sipping tea. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past week or so and highly recommend you check it out.

Lisa Eldridge’s Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History & #Facepaintbook

With Lisa’s book Facepaint just recently released she’s doing what she does best makeup on youtube to promote it. The book isn’t a how to, but rather tells the story of make up through history. In this video you get a glimpse into true make-up artistry, with Lisa donning the different era appropriate looks. It’s a joy to watch – this is what makeup as art is about and trust me that you won’t regret watching this. I can’t get over how Lisa’s passion for make up is so deep, and how willing she is to share her fascination with is like a total nerd.

Anything you’ve read, seen or heard that I should check out? Let me know!

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