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A Foray into False Lashes

Eyelure Fleur de Force Fleur Loves LashesI’m a beauty lover through and through, if this blogs very existence didn’t clue you in. Despite this, I have very little experience in the world of false lashes. There’s something so intimidating about them, what if you mess it up? There go 5 minutes of blending and that flawless eyeshadow you’ve managed. However when one of my all time favourite vloggers released a collaboration with one of the best lash brands on the market, I had to get some.In the past I’ve stuck mostly with individual lashes, while more time consuming than the strip lashes I find them easier to apply. In her collaboration with Eylure Fleur from Fleur de Force has 4 styles that cover most of your bases, some that are a bit more dramatic others that are a bit more natural as well as individuals and 3/4 lashes. I decided to order the individuals and the 3/4 lashes, just because most strip lashes are way too long for my eyes and require major trimming.

Eyelure Fleur de Force Fleur Loves Lashes
The 3/4 styles are called “Fleur Loves” and come with glue, I find this glue to be comparable the famed Duo glue and like the little applicator it has for applying to the lashes. I won’t explain how to apply lashes, there’re more than enough tutorials on youtube but I found this one from Tina Yong helpful and this one from Monica Blunder is great too.I will however tell you what I think about these lashes from the Eyelure x Fleur de Force collaboration. The packaging is nice and pretty, with the usual Eylure box. The best part about these lashes is that they aren’t glued onto plastic but rather there’s four dots of adhesive that the lashes are anchored on. This means no sticky glue residue to deal with and no bizarrely unnatural bend to the lashes straight out of the box.

Eyelure Fleur de Force Fleur Loves LashesI found them easy to apply, just coat the band in some glue and wait for 30-45 seconds till a bit tacky. Then just tilt your head back, place the lashes on with your tweezers and tuck in the outer and inner corner. I like to hold down the inner part with my finger and the outer with the tweezers for a little while to make sure it’s all secure. Always make sure to curl your lashes before applying lashes, same for mascara. While the lash glue is drying I like to push them in, and then push up a little underneath to make sure I get an open-eyed effect. These give your eyes that little bit of extra flare at the outer corner for a fuller, fluttery lash that’s not over the top. I got mine from but they are also sold in store in the UK.

Eyelure Fleur de Force Fleur Loves Lashes
Have you got any tips and tricks for this false lash thing? Or do you skip them all together?

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