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an Ode to: ByTerry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock

By Terry Misty RockI’m not a huge fan of cream shadows, while yes they have amazingly easy application and usually require only a finger to blend I find them a bit taffy to deal with. So many of the glitter heavy ones leave you with fallout through the day, and others dry to a super powdery finish. But every once in a while there’s a cream shadow that I fall for, this ByTerry Ombre Blackstar formula is probably the best, and this time it’s Misty Rock.
The whole blog world has already spoken about these, there was a time when Frozen Quartz was sold out due to Tanya Burr and Misty Rock soon followed. I’d picked this up after being prompted by a good friend, we compared Misty Rock to the limited edition Chanel cream shadow stick, and I was blown away by both the colour and longevity. I’ll preface by saying that e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g creases on me, MAC paint pots barely last a couple of hours. I need a primer for my lids like I need my hyaluronic acid serum, and even then it’s a challenge. If I’m in a rush I’m just as likely to altogether skip the eyeshadow in favour of more time concealing, so the “swipe on and go” appeal is minimal for me.

This is however super sparkly with no fall out, which is the bomb. The shade it self is very unique, it’s a mauve-y purple-y taupe-y shimmery shade that’s neutral but a little bit interesting. You can just pack it on the lid and blend out with your finger for a simple and easy look, and add some (or a lot) of mascara to seal the deal. I think this really enhances the green tones in my eyes but that’s just colour theory in play.

by terry

Or you can amp it up a little with some browns thrown in the crease for definition and black kohl lines on the upper lash line and the waterlines. I like smudging a bit on my lower lashes too but not so much I resemble a panda.

by terry 2

It’s a subtle difference, but one none the less. This’d make an amazing base for a smokey purple eye too, but I’ve yet to try that.  If you’re asking yourself  “Dar! Where are the swatches?” I’ll say that the camera doesn’t do it any justice, even in the gifs above, and that you should run to a counter or just trust me here and get it. No regrets with this one.
If you’d like to pick it up I recommend Feel Unique as they’ve got free shipping worldwide – and there’s an offer code often that’ll soften the blow. Cult Beauty has recently added By Terry to their range too so if you’ve been planning an order check there as well.
ByTerry Ombre Blackstar – £29.00 Feel Unique | Cult Beauty

Have you tried any of these yet? Got a colour recommendation for my next Ombre Blackstar purchase?

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  • This is such a pretty colour and I can see why everyone raves about it, looks stunning on you!

    • Dar

      Thank you! The formula of these is phenomenal, definitely worth the rave reviews.

  • I really want to try some of these but the price makes me want to cry a little haha. Love the colour of Misty Rock though x

    • Dar

      Yeah the price is cringe worthy – but it’s a treat that’s well worth the price tag!

  • You should get Bronze Moon next if you’re in to bronze shades. I have both Bronze Moon and Misty Rock and love both. Another great brand to try if you’re looking for cream eyeshadow sticks is Laura Mercier, her caviar sticks are more affordable than By Terry and they’re the same quality.

    • Dar

      I’ve tried the caviar sticks in store and always found them to be way shimmery, and while they do set and last I find the glitter in them a bit harsher than in these. I might just be in my head though!

      • Bella

        But the Laura Mercier does not have glitter!

  • Bea

    I’ve wanted to buy one of these for so long, but im still torn between this or Bronze moon.

    Love you blog by the way!!

    Bea | thebeacollective

    • Dar

      Well, if you’re usual go to is a bronzey eye then go for the bronze it’ll get the most use. I’m partial to rosey/purpley shades (I love the Naked 3!) so this one suited me more.

      Thanks for the comment – I’m so happy that you enjoy the blog!

  • I love mine and I definitely thinks it’s worth the price x

  • Bella

    I have Misty Rock, Bronze Moon and Brown perfection….the last is my favourite because it is not glittery.

  • I absoutly love this eyeshadow stick, it’s expensive but so beautiful. Pretty much every kind of eyeshadow creases on me including power ones, so a primer is a must and I always trust the Nars Smudge Proof Base!
    xxx Claire

  • I am very tempted to get this, it looks incredible on such a beautiful colour.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load