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How to Glow, but not Glitter

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, Becca Pearl, Kevyn Aucoin Candle light, Hourglass Diffused LightIf you haven’t caught onto it yet – I like my glow. Yes, highlighting has become a real thing recently with Strobing becoming the newest version of contouring etc. etc. But for me, getting a good glow is the end game of beauty; from the skincare that’ll amp it up (hi vitamin c!) to glow including makeup I’ve got it. These are my top go-tos for amping up that “I’m so healthy and radiant, I slept for a week and came back from hot yoga” look – just without the sleep, or the yoga. All without a hint of glitter in sight!

For me it’s not about being as light reflective as a disco ball – at least not everyday, sometimes a girl wants to disco after all. But on the daily I just want to look like I’ve got my water intake down pat, with a side of healthy eating and caffine-free tea drinking (not happening, ever).

Enter this bunch; I always start off with a good illuminating primer, and Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow really does make you wonder how you’re glowing (hehe). I’ve spoken about it before, and wasn’t that blown away in the past but I’ve changed my mind – it’s amazing. Swatched it’s a bit daunting, it looks like gold glitter bits suspended in a peachy yellow gold gel base and while that’s kind of what it is on the face it’s a whole new ball game. Under makeup it’s even better, it’ll make you look as if you’re glowing from within – radiating health and all that, best of all? It doesn’t disturb the base and layers well with other primers.

Then there’s the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Pearl. Oh man, this is moisturising so oily skinned girls beware – but so gorgeous. It’s white but there’s not silvery sheen left, just glow. Whatever is in it is magical, I like to mix this in with a foundation that needs a bit of a boost in the glow department, mixed in with under eye concealer for some dewy-ness or just everywhere really.

In terms of powder, I tend to attempt to not use it if possible. Since it’s mid October now and still around 27 degrees celsius here that’s an impossibility. To set things but not diminish the glow I’ve worked so hard for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are where it’s at. I’m a huge fan of Diffused on me since it doesn’t disturb the tone of my foundation and the yellow helps a bit with the redness.

Then there’s the good old classic highlighter in powder form, but this one? Nothing like those chunky glitter filled MSF’s of the past (yes, Soft & Gentle I’m talking about you…) nope Kevyn Aucoin’s The Celestial Powder in Candle Light is just that. Candle Light in a powder, it’s reflective but not over the top. It’s a gentle buttery powder that’ll give you a boost of light, and will make you confused because how does it do that without shimmery particle? It’s a mystery but one I’m more than happy to ignore in favour of that glow.

Those are my go-to glow helpers, got a recommendation for something I should add to the list? Let me know – the search for the glow is never ending!

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  • All gorgeous. I love the Becca Skin Perfector in Pearl. My fav highlighter right now is Illasamqua’s Gleam in Aurora. Such a beaut.

    Emma & The Beauty Blog

    • Dar

      I need to try that one out – it’s got so many rave reviews it must be gorgeous.

  • I really like the Becca liquid highlighters. I actually use Moonstone to mix with my foundation or just as a primer for all over glow.

    • Dar

      They are so good! I really like using Pearl with the Custom Cover Drops for a *very* glowy base.

    • Bella

      Me too!

  • This was such a great blog post and so so useful!

    Maddy, xo

  • Bella

    I love the Diorskin Glow Maximizer as a primer for less oily days (otherwise Pore Minimizer ftw!) and I adore Becca Champagne pop….with just the touch of the tip of a brush it’s totally daytime appropriate. I agree with liquid Moonstone and I find that Chanel Les Beiges powder over Vitalumiere Aqua foundation gives a stunning if discreet glow.