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It’s my 25th Birthday!

Here’re 25 things you probably didn’t know about me!

The usual beauty related posts will be back on Saturday, I’m off to eat cake and hang out with my favourite people on this planet.

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October 22, 2015
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  • Bella

    Happy happy birthday!!!!

  • Bella

    Just watched your video…cool! Could you tell when and why you left Cali? How was it adjusting to life in Israel? Are your parents originally Israeli? I have wondered whether everyone in Israel has such an impeccable American accent when speaking English LOL! What does your cat’s name mean? The non-Oscar cat, I mean ;). Hope you’ve had a wonderful day!

    • Dar

      We left Cali around ’00, we were there due to my mother’s work and my dad just missed Israel – so we came back, transitioning was easy since I was put back into my previous class in school.
      Most Israeli’s don’t have a super-american accent, I’m not in the norm.
      Oscar Kokoshka is one of my favourite painters – the cats were named after him 🙂
      I had a great day – thank you so much!