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Masks Worth Repurchasing

Masks worth repurchasingI’m a bit of a mask junkie, it’s one of my favourite skincare product categories. As there are more masks to try than faces I can try them on, and over doing it in any skincare department is a recipe for disaster, sometimes you gotta trust in some solid masks that do the job. These two most certainly belong in that category.The Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing mask is a cult product for a good reason, it does the job at cleansing the skin without being too harsh. A clay mask is a bit of a staple in any skincare line up, it’s great for making sure everything is nice and clean – and this one? It’s the best I’ve tried thus far. It’s one that I finished a while back, and then moved on to different masks, but once I repurchased it and used it again I was left asking why did I ever stray from it? This mask does exactly what you want it to – it’ll draw out the yuck from you skin, excess oils and dirt et al, without leaving you feeling like you’ve just scraped away at your skin with a rake. There’ll be no resulting breakout from the cleanse, which sometimes happens with strong clay masks, and it’ll remove quickly and gently so you can just move onto your next skin-pampering step.

The second mask I’ve got on hand is a bit different, and there’s the bloody horror element for fun in it too. I’m talking about the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay while the name is about as long as you’ll need to put it on (15 min) the best part comes when it’s time to remove. Yes, it’s a peel off mask. No I won’t apologise for my glee at peeling it away from my skin, nor from scaring my boyfriend with my Carrie-esque visage. If your skin is being a little bit… pesky, ’cause it’s nearing that time, this is the mask to reach for. Simply slather it on, nice and thick, and wait around for some time – I recommend taking a few scary selfies. When it’s dry peel it off from the edges toward the centre of your face. Examine the red remains for pulled out gunk and stroke your now smooth, soft skin. It’ll tighten up the pores too which is awesome, but c’mon the red mask that’s good for that time of the month is priceless in it’s comedic value.

So those are two masks I’ll keep repurchasing for some time yes, I’ve tried others in their categories but none are as good for me.

Have you got a must-repurchase beauty item? Let me know in the comments what it is – I’m all ears.

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  • I’ve been loving a good face mask lately, my collection has definitely expanded a lot 🙂 I haven’t tried any from First Aid Beauty though and I really want to x

    • Dar

      Oh definitely do check it out! It’s a peel off mask which is the greatest experience e-v-e-r but isn’t as stripping as others so it’s quite gentle on the skin.

  • You should suss out Antipodes Manuka Honey mask!! I’m sure you’d love it x

    Katina |

    • Dar

      I’ve tried it before and was a little confused, I expected a clarifying mask but ti was quite moisturising? Then again I did only try a sample so maybe it’ll wow me long term 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation and the comment!