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5 Minute Makeup Challenge

DSC_7030Making the attempt at doing my makeup faster than ever before! While I’m not sure it worked out at the end – you’ll have to watch to find out, I really enjoyed this. A fun and fairly quick video is always a good thing right? I’d say so.This video went up yesterday – as Sunday’s are now my uploading day of the week. this post was also meant to go up on Sunday; but the weekend in London threw me for a bit of a loop (for good reasons only!) and posting was waylaid for a bit. Sometimes, there’s far more important things to pay attention to – if you’re one of my friends you’ll know why and I hope to share the reason on here very soon.  The posts I had planned for the week are no more; but blogging is about having fun and enjoying yourself.

I really enjoyed attempting this 5 minute makeup challenge and hope you’ll like the video!

Have you any tips to getting this fast makeup thing done? I just love taking it slow and blending everything that it’s a little tough on me. Advice will be appreciated!

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  • Bella

    Hilarious, I laughed so hard!!!! If I had to do my makeup in 5 minutes I would use my one swipe cream or stick shadows (your By Terry Misty Rock!!), a pencil liner, mascara, broad brow pencil like Hourglass , natural base, quick undereye concealer, blush and lipstick. End of story! More, I could not do either LOLOL.