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5 Tips For Blogging While Busy

DSC_6909Life, it’s a bit of a struggle. It’s also highly enjoyable and being stressed out over blogging should never be a part of it! If you, like me, have a job and do this blog thing for fun but are still really into having things up on time and so on you might get stressed. I’ve got a few tips to make sure that stress & blogging never come up together in your head again.

  1. Plan A Head – I’m a massive scheduler and task lister. I like setting goals and reaching them, in order to make sure there’s a video up on Sundays (my new upload day!) and posts go up on time I like to keep an Editorial Calendar. It makes me feel fancy when it’s capitalised. What this means is, I keep a spreadsheet with all the days I need to have things up on marked and then I can plan ahead for what needs to be done when. I use Numbers for Mac so things are pretty and colour-coded, if you want you can download my template file here. For example, I’ll be flying to London next week and won’t have that weekend to do blog-stuff so all of it’s been prepared a head of time.
  2. Have Back Ups – I keep a list of post ideas, and most of my posts are scheduled in the Calendar but if I have a brilliant idea come up I’ll switch things up and place whatever topic I took out in the list. I like to ask friends what they’d like to see on my blog, or get inspired by other bloggers. When that happens I’ll add it in to the list, and find a spot for it in my schedule. The Calendar is great, but it’s not set in stone! If you’ve just gotten major inspo from an old Vogue photoshoot or that new product go a head and write it out; but when you’re in a rut you’ll be happy for all the ideas.
  3. Shoot In Bulk – This isn’t new advice, but if you don’t shoot when the light is good and you’re in the mood you won’t shoot at all. Clear up a few hours on the weekend, gather some supplies like flowers or magazines for backgrounds and get shooting! I like to make a list by hand of what I’m shooting on the day and if swatches are needed or facetious etc. Once you’ve dented you’re list and have a weeks worth of material or more you’ll be set. This is also great if you like to shoot pristine products before they’ve been used too.
  4. Take It Easy – With your “creative” materials made ahead you can write out those posts when the mood strikes, or write first and shoot later. However you prefer it don’t make yourself write, it’ll lead to posts that don’t convey your love for the topic or the product! A blog is your creative outlet and so it’s not about quotas or deadlining – if you write things a head of time you’ll be able to go back and read it all over, avoiding embarrassing mistakes or typos. If any of those happen, don’t sweat it and just edit later on even if it’s live.
  5. Have Fun & Take Breaks Sometimes – Remember, blogging is about having fun! If you’re not in the mood at all, are feeling overwhelmed by stuff or like, if school is waaaay to much or if there’s a huge client/project at work those are more important than a blog. For me, blogging is a way to do what I love freely, in whichever manner I want to so the moment the fun goes out? I take a break even if it’s for a few days. Taking a break will allow you to come back fresh, without the stress of whatever life has thrown your way. Mostly it’ll allow you to enjoy blogging again – and that? It’s the most important thing.

Have you got any tips for managing life and blogging?

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  • The Illusion of Makeup

    טיפים נהדים!!!! אני מאלה שיש להם דחיינות כפייתית, אני יכולה לעשות לעצמי לו”ז ואניי בחיים לא אעמוד בו, אבל עשית לי חשק לנסות – במיויחד שמאז שפתחתי ערוץ יוטיוב הבלוג התחיל לגסוס וזה לא טוב! פוסט נהדר!!

    • אני שמחה שאהבת! אני אישית מתה על רשימות וזה ממש עוזר עם דחינות לדעתי אבל אני גם חובבת אקסל וסידור קבצים. הכי חשוב זה לא להרגיש כאילו הבלוג הוא נטל ולהנות

  • this came just in time ! 🙂 x great tips as always!

    Lisa’s World

    • That’s great to hear! Let me know which ones worked best for you?

  • I’m glad you added that fifth point to the list! Very important, that one 🙂

    • I know – what’s the point of having a blog for a hobby if you don’t enjoy it? Happy you liked the post!

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