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an Ode to: Nails Inc Porchester Square

nails inc porchester squareI’ve raved about Nails Inc in the past, and about Porchester Square as well. However, I thought it was time to truly celebrate my love for this shade of grey-lilac-mushroom properly. It’s not just the colour, it’s the formula, the brand and the fact that I’ve loved it for well over 2 years now since out first encounter with each other. So, Porchester Square? I love you.Not all neutral nail polish shades are created equal. Some, run too cool others are a little bit to warm. They may clash with your skintone and lead to some seriously sallow looking hands ew or simply always be just that little bit off. As things are in life, there are many things that may go wrong with a nail polish – with chipping being just the tip of the iceberg. A streaky formula is forever depressing, leading you to try your damn hardest with 4 billion layers because that shade is too good to give up. It may be prone to drying out, meaning that if you truly enjoy it you’ll be replacing that bottle more frequently than you’d like. I’ve found some polishes to not be stable after UV light exposure, changing the colour as the week goes on and taking on an almost ashy tone. The worst? They may not work with your favourite top or base coat.

For me none of the above happen with Porchester Square. The colour? Prefect, goes with everything and makes my hands look ace. Formula? Doesn’t dry out, minor chipping – but girl, if you’re going at those packages with your nails you can’t complain, and it loves my base and top coat. By now this has got some memories attached and it’s my go to for any time that I cannot decide. It’s a little hypocritical of me to have a different nail polish on as I’m typing this but Porchester Square knows it’s got nothing to worry about – I’ll be back.

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