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How To Take Care of Candles

how to take care of candlesI’ve a little thing with candles. I love them, the ambience they lend a room and the scents just do it for me. But once you’ve shelled out the cash on one of those fancy beauty-guru candles you’ve got to take care of the things. Otherwise you’r left with a candle that doesn’t burn evenly, smokes and tunnels. Here are my tips on keeping them in tip top shape – unlike that one of the right…

  1. First Burn Determines All – it’s true, the first time you burn a candle will determine it’s fate. To make sure it’ll be smooth burning from the first time on, leading to a wonderful and harmonious relationship, make sure you burn it until the top layer has all liquified the first time (and those that follow).
  2. Trim That Wick – For some strange reason wicks don’t burn as fast as the wax evaporates. This means that after a good few hours of burning the wick will be too long to burn as is again. I like to trim my wick right before burning, not too short and not too long I’d say the sweet spot if between 0.25-0.5 of an inch (about 0.5-1 cm my metric readers). If you’ve a wick trimmer I’m jealous but I just go at it with my office scissors.
  3. Aim For the Centre – Making sure the wick is in the centre is super important. Once I’ve blown out my candle I make sure the wick is smack dab in the centre of the candle otherwise it’ll lead to some troublesome burning down the road. If it’s slightly off-course I’ll nudge it back into place with my matchstick or the scissors, if you’re brave use your fingers (I wouldn’t recommend it though).
  4. Light It With Class – I used to use a standard cigarette lighter but have since moved on to better, longer things. A fireplace or BBQ lighter works well, or if you feel fancy you can use long matchsticks. I get mine at the supermarket and love them to bits, no matter the size of the candle they can get in there and my fingers are always same. Striking a match is also super satisfying.
  5. Let It Breathe – When you’re burning a candle make sure it has room, that it isn’t covered and the surface it’s on is level. This’ll prevent smoking and the subsequent dieting of your walls/shelving as well as the dreaded tunnelling.

That’s kind of it for me, sometime candles will smoke because I’ve been lazy – like the one on the right. If you take care of your candles they’ll take care of you right back.

Got any candle tips to add on? Leave them in the comments below!

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  • Stephanie Hartley

    Make sure it’s on a completely flat surface! You don’t want the molten wax to end up tilted to one side! These tips are so useful though

    Steph –

  • Thanks for this post! I recently got some Diptyque candles and deff need some tips how to take care of them.

  • Great post, I am really getting have candles around my place at the moment. Number 4 you are so right about need to get myself some of those, it’s hard to lighter with a standard lighter.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  • This is a wonderful post! I’m a candle newbie and I’m definitely bookmarking this for future reference 🙂

    Miran ||

  • Bella

    Enjoyed this post! Always a good reminder. Troublesome burning of an expensive candle truly sucks.

  • Oooh good tip on trim wicking. I bought my first Diptyque candle last year and kept freaking out when the candle made the white glass all dark. Found out it was easily cleaned though but I hate when it gets all dark and sooty. And I’ve heard that first burn tip before, definitely keeping that in mind again. Thank you for sharing!


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