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On Rotation: Mascaras

On Rotation: MascarasI’m into mascaras! There it’s been said. While I try to keep it drugstore only sometimes other bits come in. These are the mascaras that are currently on rotation for me, two are fairly new additions and the other two are good old favourites. So, let’s talk eyelashes!

Mascaras are probably the most personal type of makeup item it’s all down to preference with them. Some people want super dramatic almost clumpy lashes, others are about the volume and some only care about how well it holds a curl. I’d say my perfect mascara gives volume, definition with a bit of length and curl. I’d rather it be a non-clumping formula, and that it won’t flake since that’s pure trouble for lens wearers. Some days I want big and dramatic and on some I just want some definition and blackness on the lashes. Most importantly I want it to be easy to remove – just some Bioderma and a cotton pad or with my cleansing oil. I hate breaking out the waterproof eye-makeup remover!

Maybelline Lash Sensational
I reviewed the Lash Sensational from Maybelline when I first got my hands on it – and it was love at first application.  I love the fact that I can build it up for a more dramatic look or keep it light and feathery for more of a natural “I’ve got awesome lashes” but there’s no way you’ll think of them as falsies kind of a thing.
Queue the creepy eye closeups!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara ReviewThis is a more natural application than my original review, and I didn’t curl my lashes in this one or any of the following. You can see it’s a nice separating mascara that gives good volume and curl with a hint on length but not too much. I like it but you already knew that!

Loreal Miss Manga Black Angel ReviewI’ve loved the L’oreal Miss Manga for a long, long time. It’s so great that my mum converted from her long time forever repurchased Lance Hypnose. The formula is great, doesn’t flake or crumble but is also easy to remove with Bioderma. To my friend who complained that it was hard to remove with wipes – invest in micellar water and dump the wipes, thanks. It’s brush does require a bit of a learning curve, since it’s wiggley and can get everywhere for the novice, but once you got it you’re on the high road to awesome lashes. I love the tapered tip for getting the inner and outer corners or even the lower lashes, even if I try not to since it looks pretty damn weird to me.

Loreal Miss Manga Black Angel ReviewThere’s alot more length and clump to this mascara compared to the Lash Sensational, but I kinda love it too. There’s a bit more volume too I’d say but it can get into spidery territory if you’re not careful – like my outer corner there.

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Quatro MascaraThe Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Quattro is a recent purchase, that was kind of an after thought. It’s a Japanese mascara and has a pretty strange wand, it’s curved which I like but it’s made of four little balls. There’s some fibers in the formula but unlike most fibres this one didn’t irritate my eyes or get all up in my contact lenses win. I didn’t find that this flaked off or crumbled at all, and out of the lot it’s the hardest to remove. The bright pink packaging is super cute and the effect is pretty special next to my other mascaras.

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Quatro Mascara ReviewIt’s not as dramatic as the Miss Manga but it still packs a nice punch. There’s awesome curl and life with this one, and trust me it gets better with the addition of curling the lashes. It’s a bit more lengthening than my other mascaras, but it one fell swoop of the want I can pretty much do my entire eye only needing touch ups in the outer corner or the lash line. *please excuse the black gunk in my contact and eye, mascara removal skills -2* It’s quite a bit higher in price than my other drugstore mascaras but I’d say it’s worth picking up if you’ve stubborn lashes and don’t like a too dramatic look.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara ReviewThen there’s the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara that I got in the Cult Beauty Goodie Bag. It’s not my usual type of mascara, the formula is quite a bit more liquidy than my preference and the want has traditional bristles and not the silicon ones I’m more partial too. I like the packaging, the tube means you can reach and coat the mascara to the very end. I’d say this is a very natural mascara but I’m going to wait until it dries out a little to see if I like it better dry. Drama it doesn’t deliver for me.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara ReviewThe mascara promises Drama & Curl; well does it give curl but drama? Eh. I’d say the Miss Manag is much more dramatic than this. The nice thing about this mascara is it doesn’t clump when layered, here there’s just one layer but I’ve gone for the whole hog with 3 or even 4 layers and it keeps the separation of the lashes. I’m unsure about it but still like it for a natural, daily look.

Those are my 4 mascaras that are on rotation now, do you keep only 1 or are you excessive like me?

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  • Love the look of the miss Manga mascara, your lashes look lovely with it on!

    Maddy, xo

    • Miss Manga has been one of my favourite mascaras for a while now – but I’ve been loving a more soft and fluttery look as of late!
      Thanks so much for the comment Maddy.

  • Nailz Craze

    Lovely post darling!

  • Bella

    Great review, love the look of the Miss Manga! I love Chanel Le Volume. However, I have deepset eyes and I have yet to find a mascara tha doesn’t melt in my undereye concealer—boohoo