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Quick Review: Dior Bakcstage Primer

Dior Backstage Eye PrimerIt took me a little while but I finally got this review together. I hadn’t ever heard of this primer until my mother picked it up when the one she wanted wasn’t in stock. She came home, used it, and a few days later told me of it’s wonders. I thought to myself – oh, mum, it’s your first go with a primer! No wonder you’re raving. But then, I tried it – and asked her to pick me up a pot too.

The Dior Backstage Eye Primer may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s got a very dry texture and it has a light beige-skintone shade that may not suit all. It does however make shadow last, boosts vibrancy and is slightly tacky so layer a base shadow over it first. If you find most formula do not last on you – the only one that really worked for me is the Nars Pro Prime, and also find that Mac’s Paint Pots make it to about the 2 hour mark before creasing and fading and migrating just, no, then this is one to try. DSC_6171It came in a little silver box with Dior on it and the usual. It’s not as fancy as the deep navy blue packaging the base products have but it’s quite nice if you plan on gifting it or some such.

DSC_6172Loved the fact that there’s instructions to close the jar tightly after use! I hate when products dry out and thus close the lid tighter than tight and store them upside down which also makes it easy to find things by shade but I digress.DSC_6173Then you’ve a classic, glass jar packaging with a very very pretty silver cap embossed with CD. It’s a bit of a vanity item if you ask me, it’s sleek with a hint of luxe and the product inside? Soon good.DSC_6174As you can see the shade is pretty similar to my skintone, and the texture is a little dry. It’s no where near as creamy as say the MAC Paint Pots, and it’s not clear like the Nars Pro Prime but it’s one great base. I also like that it’s got that tone to it, so on a super lazy day I can whack this on by itself add on some liner&mascara and I’m good to go. I’ve used this primer in a few tutorials like my Tom Ford Seductive Rose Soft Glamour Make Up Look  and find that this lasts well over 6 hours on me. I try not to wear super heavy makeup for more than 6 hours, so I can’t tell if this will make it past the 8-10 hour mark but for me if it doesn’t crease or die on me within 5-6 hours I’m a happy camper.

What’s you favourite eye primer? Let me know why!

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  • This looks lovely! I’m using a benefit one at the moment but it’s very creamy so maybe something like this would be better for me.

  • Bella

    Great tip!! I am a Nars Pro Prime girl through and through. I really really love Dior Maxilash eyelash primer though (must try!!) and Pore Minimiser for the face. I also adore their Abricot cuticle serum. It’s really funny, because other than two foundations and concealers I have no dior makeup at all….I hate it. Don’t tell anyone ;).

  • I like the Nars primer because my eyeshadow doesn’t budge but when i want something with coverage I reach for either a Mac Paint Pot or a Maybelline Color Tattoo, both work great 🙂

  • Right now, I’m using I <3 Stage eye primer by Essence. I've heard great about Mac's paint pots and I really wanna these next. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! I love your blog, would you maybe wanna follow each other? x

    Lina /