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The Haul: Birthday Edition

DSC_6768Ahhhh Birthdays, there’s nothing like them! It’s that one time of the year where you can treat yourself for no reason other than the fact that the date is what it is.  This isn’t that big of a Haul, for me, but I picked up some bits, received a few gifts for my birthday and these are them.

Obviously the main gift I received for my birthday was Theo. In case you haven’t been introduced, Theo is a Scottish Fold kitten and the newest addition to our household. He’s a little bundle of joy, energy and havoc as all kittens are and his favourite napping place is the pillow next to mine aka my boyfriend’s pillow. He’s small and cute, still has some kitten fluff to his grey coat and his little folded ears kill me.
So from myself to myself I made a sneaky CultBeauty order when the Goodie Bag was available, it was in late September but I and thought that it’ll arrive by my Birthday and that justified things pretty well for me. It actually arrived the week after but, alas Postal Service is what it is. I decided to finally pick up the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil (more about it soon!) and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel since I love a good brow gel. To reach the purchase minimum I added the Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Quatro Mascara to my basket, it’s got some rave reviews and the waterproof version was out of stock.
I don’t expect gifts for my birthday from others, it’s just not a thing I do. However one of my friends, who I’d even venture and say one of my closest friends today, was super kind and thoughtful and brought me back a little something from New York City. That something? A candle! Now that’s a girl right after my own heart, with my candle-fiend status. She gifted me with Diptyque’s Bais Candle which I’ve never owned before and am excited to burn asap. Delaying satisfaction? Not here.
Then two days after my birthday mum had a trip to China pop up, and I made my “suggestions” about things I’d love to have picked up at DutyFree and more specifically, from the Tom Ford counter. A word about Tom Ford – it’s best to buy at DutyFree and if you’re in Tel Aviv they’ve got some pretty great prices. I was lucky and they had what I wanted in stock, and even luckier that mum picked up both items I wanted. So I’ve now added the legendary Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen in 01 Deeper which is a double sides eyeliner pen, and my first Tom Ford Lip Color! I went for 17 Violet Fatale which is gorgeous.

If you’re curious about what my Boyfriend got me – well that’s to be bought in the UK in a few weeks time.

Is there anything you’d like to see reviewed from the lot? Let me know!

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