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The Ultimate Gift From Glossier

Glossier Mask SetI don’t celebrate Christmas but that doesn’t mean I’m not going around looking at the gift offerings! If there’s one gift any skincare lover would adore it’s something from Glossier. If you haven’t heard of Glossier, the Into The Gloss skincare offshoot then go and google away. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the Skin Tint and when I saw this set I couldn’t not get it. Packaged like a box of candies but with facemasks instead of calorie bombs it’s a real treat!

Glossier is currently sold in the US only off of their website, and I am lucky enough to have friends in the states that helped me out. They’re hopefully going to be offering world-wide shipping soon so don’t despair, instead shoot them a tweet about it.
Let’s get back to this set shall we? It includes the two masks that Glossier offers – the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and the Moisturising Moon Mask in 12 little individual use pods.Glossier Mask Duo Set

When you open it it looks exactly like a fancy macaroon or chocolate box and it also includes a golden ticket – with a discount code for your next purchase which is super sweet. I loved how Wes Anderson-esque the whole thing was.Glossier Mask Duo SetThe there’s the masks. There are 12 pods overall with six of each mask, the green ones are of the Green Galaxy Pack and the Blue are the Moisturising Moon Mask. There’s more than enough in each pod for a full face (and more) depending on the size of your face really. These would be great for traveling too as they are nice and compact, and once used you can get rid of the packaging. You leave each of these on for 20 minutes, they recommend the Green Galaxy to detox and clean the skin and the Moisturising Moon to treat the skin post detox. I’ve tried both out as recommended and can say that my skin felt a lot cleaner and smoother after the Green Galaxy, while after the Moisturising Moon mask it was plumped and calm which was amazing. I highly recommend these masks either in the full size jars or in this set.DSC_7046Beneath the masks there’s a special surprise for you a terrycloth headband! For those of us who love a mask but have short hair it can get a little messy, with bits escaping and so on. This is perfect for making sure no hair gets in your mask and no mask gets in you hair. With the signature pink G it’s super cute too, and the cloth is super soft.

That’s kind of it. I’d say the products are amazing but the packaging is the real star here; if you know a beauty junkie or are one ask or get this set. There won’t be any regrets.

You can get Glossier products on – and if you use this link you can get 20% off your purchase (and I’ll get 10$ credit for my next purchase).
The Mask Duo Set retails for 38$ and comes with free shipping too.

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