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4 Ways to New Years Eve

4 Ways: NYENew Years Eve will be upon us in just 2 nights and by this time it’s likely that you’ve got a clear idea of what you’ll be doing when the clock strikes midnight and rings in 2016. So whether you’ll be chilling at home, out with friends, adulting it up at a dinner party or on a date I’ve got some makeup ideas for you.


  1. Going Out On The Town – If you’re going out to a wild party, or several, all glammed out in you sequinned dress then a red lip is a must. Since you’re bound to be talking, drinking and maybe eating something to soak up all those glasses of bubbly – go for the trusty matte lip. It’ll stay the night, and won’t smudge off on whomever you’ll smooch on midnight. Pair it with a bit of contour, a semi-matte foundation (with no SPF), and a gold shimmery eye. For a more runway look skip the eyeliner and false lashes, and add a hint of mascara for definition. It’s an easy look that won’t take up too much time when you’re getting ready – but won’t be embarrassing in those post party photos…


2. The Romantic Date – Ahhh so you’ve booked yourselves a table at a restaurant, and you want to put in some effort but not go over the top so you’ll scare your dinner-date. If this is your situation, go for a sparkly smokey eye with some half lashes for added drama. Pair with a glowy base curtesy of a good primer, a hint of shape with some bronzer and blush and a natural rosy lip that won’t scare him away. Chuck the lipstick in your purse for a post-eating or post kissing touch up, and enjoy.


3. A Dinner Party – If you’ve reached the stage in your life where you’ve been invited to a dinner party – you’ve reached adulting level: maximum. If you’re throwing the dinner party – that’s just beyond adulting to new levels and a galaxy unknown. You’ll want to look put together but not like you’ve put in hours of effort, since that’s what we all want – “Oh, this? Took me no time at all!”. A quick an easy smokey liner is bound to do the trick. Just run a bit of a warm brown in the crease for definition and grab your cream eyeshadow stick of choice, smudge it out with a pencil brush or an earbud into a wing. Run a bit on you’re lower lash line and throw in a bit of highlight in the inner corners. Done.


4. Chilling at Home – whether you’re on your own planning your kitchen for the 13th time or you’ve just got work on Friday or it’s just a “eh, I want to chill” kinda evening I’ve got a pretty nice set up for you. Start with a good ol’ facial massage to get those muscles loose, run yourself a bath with your favourite treat – be it a lush bubble bar, a bath oil or some salts make sure it’s the one you love. Make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate – or chai tea, some popcorn and watch Mean Girls or your favourite show of the moment. Slather on a mask, or two, stick on some eye patch masks and paint those nails. Ahhhh, what a way to start the year!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve – and Happy New Year from me!

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