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5 Tips For Tidying Your Stash

DSC_7309If there’s something I love to do it’s to organise my makeup, while it can get a little overwhelming – there’s a the sheer amount of stuff I own to deal with, I find that rearranging things in a way that makes less loved items more reachable it good. But it’s also important to edit down – with an influx of new bits coming in *ehm black friday ehm* I need to make sure that what’s there should really be there and if not? I’ll have some very happy friends soon…

  1. Lay It Out – Take everything out and asses your level of addiction, if you’re in denial that’s great – if you’ve admitted that you might have a problem that’s great too. Sometimes due to storing things away we can forget what it is that we own. I find that laying it all out and being confronted by my truly teeny tiny collection can sometimes put a damper on my current craving for that new eyeshadow palette.
  2.  Pile It Up – Sort it all into different piles; be it by product (my favourite) or by frequency of use – or both! This way you can start thinking about how to organise it in your storage. I love my Muji drawers for my most reached for products, and have the eyeshadow palettes stored elsewhere along with less frequently used foundations and primers (which are my favourite beauty category). I find that having things in my line of sight means I use them more; so if I haven’t used that palette in the last month or so I’ll prioritise it via my piling.
  3. Have A Think & A Try On – With the plethora of makeup sets there’s bound to be a few things that you’re on the fence about. Maybe it’s a lipstick that once was amazing on you (when you had that tan, or lighter hair) and you don’t really wear but love nonetheless. It could just be something you got in a set and never really figured out how to use. Regardless of what that product is, have bit of a makeup play with it over the next week and figure out if you want to keep it or not.
  4. Rearrange – As I said before having something in my line of sight boosts it’s chances of being used. If I’ve had a think and still want to keep the product I’ll make sure it’s placed front and centre so I’ll actually use it (instead of reaching for Burberry’s Rosewood again). I find that having things laid out aesthetically helps me (hi muji!) so I try to play around with my set up every now and then. I know that not all of us are lucky enough to have the dream vanity and space constraints are a thing, but try things out until you find what works for you. I moved from a self, to two shelfs, to filling my desk and topping it with Muji and in the future? Who knows what will happen.
  5. It’s Okay To Say Goodbye – Asses those things you needed a think and try on with, do you really need that peachy lip pencil you’ve never worn? Are you really using that contour palette? Are you keeping it just because one day it might be handy? If you have someone you can pass it on to who’ll enjoy it – do so. If you are still questioning things leave it out  on top of your daily thing and see if you use it over the next month or if you skip over it for something else. You’ll have your answer one way or anther. I keep things I want to pass on but don’t have a person in mind that’ll fit it in a box and whenever a friend or family member visits I let them have a browse and take what the want.

Have you got any tips for making sure you’re not holding on to something that doesn’t work at all? How do you organise your beauty bits so that you don’t neglect stuff? I’d love it if you shared your tips!

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