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Currently Loving: Festive Nail Polishes

Festive Nail Polishes ChoicesDecember is here and in full swing – and with the countdown to Christmas (if you celebrate it), Hanukah being well underway and NYE it’s time to crank out some seasonally appropriate polish. I’ve got a nice mix of favourites, from the fairly “boring” burgundy to an almost black forest green to the wonderful duo-chromatic Chanel release and even glitter. There’s bound to be something you’ll like.Let’s start off with the one I loved last year, and love even in the middle of summer frankly, Nails Inc Burton Mews in the NailKale formula. It’s a deep dark green that borders on black but isn’t quite, perfect for those of us who want to be a little mysterious but have had enough of the dark reds. I’ve spoken about the formula in the past but I find the NailKale formula to last around a week on me with minimal chipping and tip wear (I do dishes sans gloves all the time), so I’d say it’s a good one.

For the more traditional gal there’s the Smith & Cult Nailed in Dark Like Me which is a dark aubergine, that’s almost burgundy but not quite. As much as I love a good burgundy like Nails Inc Victoria or Essie’s Wicked I find a super dark warm purple to be a nice change from the more red based polishes. The Smith & Cult bottle is a thing of beauty and the formula is opaque in two thin layer – even if I like three. It wears well, I’d say around 5 days and is nice and glossy without a topcoat. Also, that packaging (again, I know).

Lastly there’s the Chanel Holiday polish. While the formula of most of these overpriced polishes tends to, for lack of a better word, suck the colours justify the purchase. In the past I’ve owned Black Pearl, Peridot and some other sparkle filled duo-chrome shade. The particles are so small it often looks like liquid metal was applied to your fingers, with minimal to no streaks in the polish on second or third coats. It’ does last more than three days but those days are all worth it. The latest release is called Rose Fusion and it’s a cool rose toned silver with purple thrown in. I can’t explain how gorgeous it is, google some swatches and run to a counter.

If you want to add an extra bit of sparkle try a glitter top coat or effect – I’ve got this super festive gold, red and holographic multi sized glitter from a Ciate advent calendar from 2 years ago that I crack out for an accent nail. I’ve had glitter top coats in the past that were gorgeous on the nail but hard to get off so keep some nail polish remover handy as well as cotton wool and some tin foil from getting it all off.

What nails are you planning on sporting for the upcoming party season?

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