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H&M Beauty Dusty Rose Cream Blush

HM Beauty Dusty Rose Cream BlushIf I could only choose one blush, or even one cheek product, the first answer that pops into my head is “Tart Exposed”. Well, if in that horrible scenario I was to be left without brushes too that answer would probably be quickly changed to H&M Beauty’s Dusty Rose Cream Blush. It’s ticking all the boxes for me, and despite not being a cream blush kinda girl it’s one I’ve been reaching for a lot lately. In a lot of ways Dusty Rose is Exposed’s cheaper, creamier sister. It’s the kind of shade that gives you a hint of definition and a bit of life all in the same time. Since it’s a cream there’s a bit of glow – even if the formula does set down to a powder. It’s easy to blend in and you can also build up the colour as it can blend out a bit sheer and maybe you want a bit of a punch, or as much of a punch as a dusty pink shade can give.

HM Beauty Dusty Rose Cream Blush vs. Tarte Exposed

As you can see Dusty Rose (left) and Tarte Exposed (right) are twins. I’d say that the H&M offering is a bit “brighter” than the Tarte, but blended out on the cheek they look identical. I love both of these for the ease of use, the cream just needs some fingers and tapping in while the Tarte is just a quick sweep of a blush brush from pretty cheeks. It’s the ultimate blush for a bright lip, or a natural paired down look. I just love these type of shades – and the H&M one? It’s awesome.

If you’re a cream blush lover, get this. If you love the look of exposed but not it’s price, get it. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer selection of H&M beauty – get this one.

Have you got any H&M Beauty suggestions? I’d love to try out more from the brand, so let me know!

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