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HolyLipstick in 2016

DSC_7512By this time tomorrow we’ll already be in 2016, and I’ll be in the midst of helping in the prep for my parent’s usual New Years party.  Regardless I wanted to share my New Years Resolutions for the blog – and the changes that’ll be taking place. Don’t panic it’s all for the best!

Let’s start off with the biggest piece of news – HolyLipstick will be available in HEBREW!
You may have noticed a new option int he navigation bar. If you’ve missed it – it’s a language indicator so for all my English speaking readers there’s nothing to worry about it’ll be business as usual. If you’re one of my Israeli readers (you make up around 40% of my readership) then you’ll enjoy the new content. In case you’re confused where this hebrew thing came from…

Hi, I’m Dar! I grew up in the US but have spent the majority of my life here in Israel, you know where they speak hebrew. English is my comfort zone but I decided to challenge my self and produce content in hebrew in 2016.

What Can You Expect?

  • Same posts, just available in Hebrew too – every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Same Video upload on Sunday
  • An extra video on Fridays in Hebrew – I’ll do my best to have subtitles available
  • If you’re an Israeli native the blog will direct you to the hebrew site (you can always go back to the english version)

Other than that HUGE thing I’m planning on being braver with makeup – more complex looks, bolder lips and generally doing a little bit more. Getting the most out of my collection, because it’s massive and frightening and I need to hit pan on some stuff asap. I’d love to share more lifestyle, home and fashion posts with you – maybe a few DIY’s too; we’ll be making the move within a month and things will be exciting.

That’s it – Check out tomorrow’s first Hebrew Youtube Video or come back for anther post on Saturday!

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  • I’m with you on hopefully hitting pan on more products in 2016! PS – Loving the photo, it absolutely suits your blog name so well 🙂

    Cindy |

    • Thanks you so much! Good luck on hitting that pan 🙂