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Quick Review: Glossier Balm DotCom & Priming Moisturiser

Glossier Balm Dot Com & Priming Moisturiser Oh, Glossier. It’s got to be my favourite brand of 2015 *shhhhh spoilers!* in part because the products are ah-mazing and because their social media is on point. When I caved and ordered the Mask Set I also went for the Priming Moisturiser and got a complimentary Balm DotCom as well. I love the masks and have been giving these two a little try out for the past couple of weeks, let me tell you my thoughts.

The Priming Moisturiser is a hybrid between a daily moisturiser and a primer, so you can skip that step and get on to adding some sheer coverage with the Skin Tint. I found it to be quite nice, but not quite enough for my dehydrated skin. I put this on after a dose of oil and find that my skin retains a little bit of that glow I love oh so much. Glossier say that it’s buildable to you can layer where you need more moisture but to me it feels a little bit like piling on product. If you’ve tried the Laura Mercier Hydrating primer and liked it you’ll find this similar but with a more glow-dewy effect. Packaging wins all the love from me, it’s a tube with a minimalist feel so it’s hygienic and pretty. If you’ve got normalish skin this’ll be more than enough for you to use on the daily, but dry to dehydrated girls will need a bit of a moisture boost.

The Balm Dot Com is one you need to get if only for the name. It’s a multi purpose balm, that means you can put it anywhere from dry lips to cracked elbows to the tops of your cheeks for extra sheen. It’s got some  Petroleum Jelly in it, which some people don’t love but doesn’t bother me too much. There’s also a plethora of awesome ingredients like Castor Seed and Capuacu. It’s a great one for preventing more cracking of the lips but it doesn’t pack the nourishing punch of say Nuxe’s Reve de Miel. The best thing about it is that you can happily smear this wherever needed making it a total handbag saviour, do you need it? Probably not. Do you want it? Clearly.

Glossier products are sold on – and if you use this link you can get 20% off your purchase (and I’ll get 10$ credit for my next purchase, so enable me!).

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