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How To Shoot On A White Background And Keep It Interesting

How to Shoot on A White BackgroundI love a bright, white photo. But I also find that these photos are some of the hardest to take. Why? A white background can be quite boring if not done properly. So if you’ve mastered your camera, got good light and that depth of field just right but the photo still turned out flat – this post is for you.

DSC_7695Take a good look at this photo, it’s got good light and the products are nice and sharp. But it’s… missing something. While a white background is pretty it’s simply not enough in my opinion, a good photo needs something a little more interesting. In this case both the products I was shooting were white and so I still needed the focus to be on them. However I didn’t want the photo to be quite as flat as it was with just the white background. DSC_7696

So I added a little something with the same tonality (white, black) in the background. I love sticking this empty diptyque candle filled with cotton buds into photos since it adds some interest but isn’t distracting. Since both my objects were white I found that it was still a little boring. With photos being so important to getting people to check out your post, it’s important to have something that grabs the eye.


So I decided to try adding some other things in the background.


From then on it was just a bit of playing around, changing the positions of the background objects and of the products I was shooting. I wanted to keep some “air” in the shot so I left the right side empty, this way the Becca products weren’t boxed in but the background objects. I also made sure to leave “headroom” in the frame, meaning I left some room from the top of the tallest object to where the shot cuts off.


Here are all the shots side by side so you can observe the minute differences between them. They were all shot from the same position, with the same settings and a large window with a semi-sheer white curtain to the left as the light source. The problem with shooting white on white is not having any differentiation between object and background, with use of shallow depth of field and the addition of objects in muted colours this was solved.

In the actual post on Becca’s Pearl I used a different photo but stuck to the same principals. Here are some other images that used a bright white background and other bits for interest:

As always, photo taking should be fun and not a chore so play around and enjoy yourself.
If you found this post helpful (or have any questions) please let me know in the comments below

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  • Elena Ageorgiti

    Great post! I’m just getting started with my blog so every piece of advice is valuable! <3

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’ll be making more photography posts so check back for tips and tricks 🙂

  • Frankie Clarke

    very helpful as i photo everything using a white background, the shots are lovely 🙂


    • White backgrounds are amazing – just need a little thought! Thanks for the comment

  • Lou

    Great post and very helpful! x
    Louise |

    • I’m happy to hear you found it helpful!

  • Loved this post, so helpful! Your shots are always gorgeous!

    Maddy, xo

    • I’m happy to hear that you found it helpful Allie!

  • Thanks for this! Great post, Dar! 🙂


    • You are more than welcome Reg! Thanks so much for leaving a comment xo

  • This is such an interesting and helpful post to read! Thanks for sharing!! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  • Great ideas! Super helpful 🙂 Thanks

    Katina |

  • Janella Panchamsingh

    Great post and tips. I love a white background too so this was really helpful

  • This post was so, so helpful! At times I find myself struggling to keep things interesting yet looking clean at the same time.

    Vanda | The Late Latte

  • thisisallure

    I love to play around with my photos. I mainly take flat lays for my blog but I always need to include props like magazines and beauty tools to make the photo a little more interesting.

  • Floral-Etiquette

    loved this post! sometimes I draw a blank on background inspiration… I need more probs and materials as i get bored quickly! x

  • Christina St.Jean

    I love a white background but struggled with how to make them not boring! This post really helped me. I need to play around with props and be more patient!


  • I’ve been trying to improve my photography especially for Instagram since I use a white background more on there. Thank you for the tips!

    Perfect Shade of Mauve