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Lipsticks to Check Out in 2016


I thought I’d make good on the promise my blog’s name gives – and recommend some lipstick formulas that you should check out in 2016. If you’ve followed me on here for quite some time, these will come as no surprise. However, whether you are a long time reader – or a new one – these lipsticks are ones you should definitely treat yourself to this year.

This little round up is sure to have something for everyone, unless ultra matte liquid lipsticks are your thing if so please accept my apologies. While there’s certain shades I like, and I’ll tell what they are in a bit,  I think that what truly makes these amazing is the formula. They are all quite different but still too good to pass up.

To start off let me recommend a lip-balm that still has some colour. No, it’s not from the Fresh Sugar range since I find those to be a little too slippy and they can almost smear with time. It’s the Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfecter, I love these since the finish is nice and glossy but they not melt or smear all whilly nilly. My favourite has got to be the 04 My Pink shade which is a reactive lip balm so it adapt to you body’s pH level to create a custom shade. This is great on days when you haven’t time to put thought into your look but what a hint of colour on the lips to look alive.

In a sharp turn let’s go for a sophisticated Tom Ford Lip Colour because, it’s Tom Ford. Packaging wins all the awards for this one but again – formula truly shines. I own Violet Fatale but have tried several others in the non-matte range and feel that the pigment layers well without emphasising lip lines. Some shades have shimmer which is sophisticated much like the range’s eyeshadows. If you’re keen on a true treat this is the one to get.

For those who are fond of a more glossy finish – but no tack, and like some pigment there’s the Dior Addict Fluidstick. I’ve sung it’s praises before, and seeing how Ciel Rose is my perfect nude shade it’s hard to deny it. However this formula is amazing, while not the most long lasting it’s opaque on the lips in one layer and gives a plump look due to it’s glossy nature. The range comes in lighter nude shades to soft rose tones and even bold dark vampy reds so you’re bound to find something to love. It’s also a true vanity item with it’s clear acrylic bullet shape.

Last of all there’s the matte but not matte formula that made 2015 that much better. Yes, I’m yet again talking about the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks. Something about how these apply, matte but luminous without emphasising dry patches or lip lines makes me amazed at every application. I’ve yet to try the nude shades in the range but of those that I have tried I doubt there’s something that won’t be amazing. If you find that matte lipsticks have always let you down in the past I’d say you simply haven’t tried the right one yet  – and this one? It’s the right one.

Those are my recommendations – have you got one for me? Let me know hat I should check out

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  • Before December 2015 I had never tried any Tom Ford Lipsticks, now I own three hehe. They are so luxurious and decadent I just feel so fancy and have a felling my collection may grow even more over 2016 (uh ohh)

    xxx Claire