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Quick Review: John Frieda Beach Blonde Line

John Frieda Beach BlondeOh beachy, textured hair. It’s the things magazines promotes for which we use approximately thirty different hair tools and products achieve. The John Frieda Beach Blonde Line does what you’d imagine – helps you get some grit and texture in your hair. I’ve been using it for over a month now and found it to be cleansing but not stripping, and the smell? Minty perfection.

The line includes 4 products, a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and salt spray. Out of the bunch my favourites are the shampoo and the hair mask. I’m not huge on conditioners, since I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days, and use a mask instead of a conditioner more times than not.
The salt spray was my first purchase from the line, and it’s quite nice, but doesn’t really compare to the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray  that I love. It’s quite hydrating so I think it would be great for those with dry hair or for post pool hair in the summer. It’s got a super coconutty smell which is a little overwhelming to me, but it truly does smell like a vacation in your hair. If you’ve got fine hair like me you may find it a little too heavy, on my hair it tended to weigh it down.
Now onto the Shampoo! I picked it up on a whim whilst in London and really liked it. It’s a quite cleansing shampoo but it doesn’t leave the hair feeling super squeaky clean. It lathers up quite well, which I like in a shampoo, and gets rid of the product buildup and grime that builds up over 3 or 4 days. The scent clings to the hair quite a bit, it has this minty fresh scent that’s not toothpaste like in the least. I like to put my conditioner on before shampoo so there isn’t any residue to weigh down my hair. The matching conditioner from the range is nice and  hydrating, but doesn’t pack the punch of the mask, it’s too has the nice fresh minty scent. I didn’t find that it weighed down my hair when I used only the conditioner, as I sometimes do when my hair dries strangely. So it’s a good when to freshen up with.
Lastly, there’s the mask. I love a good hair mask since I’d rather use a mask than a conditioner. It’s quite hydrating but isn’t heavy (do you sense a theme here?) I’ve found it to be quite detangling in a way. This mask leaves my hair soft, but not coated, and reduces the frizz and tangles. But with the shampoo included I get nice texturised hair with a bit of volume in there – how is a mystery for me.

Over all I really like the products from the range – if you want that texturised, worry free, hair at a drugstore price point it’s one to check out!

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