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Quick Review: Holika Holika DodoCat Face2Change Glow Cushion BB

Quick Review: Holika Holika DodoCat Face2Change Glow Cushion BB It’s my first real foray into the entire k-beauty thing. Yes, I’ve tried some sheet masks before, but when faced with the super cutesy Holika Holika DodoCat Face2Change Glow Cushion BB I couldn’t resist. If you’re curious about Cushion Foundations, think the packaging is too cure to be real, or if you’re wondering just how light and glow things can get – I’ve got a quick review that’ll answer your burning questions. DSC_7893First of all let’s talk packaging. This thing is pretty snazzy, it’s a compact that’s quite thick. Inside there’s a mirror that’s a decent size so you can touch up or check on your face with it. There’s a sponge this one has the Dodo Cat graphics on it, and you apply the product with this. It’s easy to wash with a bit of soap it’s as good as new. Then there’s the  little sponge tray/cushion protector, the applicator rests on this when it’s closed so after use it can get a little grubby. Once open you get the cushion itself, you get the good stuff. It’s a sponge that’s been soaked in product and when you press into it the bb transfers to whatever you used. The outside is printed with the Dodo Cat graphics and it’s a mint green, inside there’s a little paw print in the cushion where the “glow” lives.

Holika Holika DodoCat Face2Change Glow Cushion BB

Overall I’m impressed with this product, it’s super dewy look and it doesn’t set but it’s got medium-isn coverage and is really nice for everyday wear. The SPF 50 helps too! You can get a pretty sheer, and evened out skintone with this or build it up where needed to get medium to high coverage in certain spots. I’ve found that this works best with minimal powder products, so cream blusher is a must. Patting you face with the little sponge can get tedious but it’s well worth the end result.

Holika Holika DodoCat Face2Change Glow Cushion BB
L-R: BB Color, Glow Essence, Mixed

When I ordered this I wasn’t sure which shade to take, as I understood it all K-Beauty cushions were pretty light. Possessing the ghostly parlour that is my skintone I said,  what the hell, and ordered the lightest shade – 21. As can be seen in my Newish Products Try On & Review it’s a little light but a bit of bronzer even it all out.

I’ve already ordered a shade down, 23, for the summer time or when I want to look less like a porcelain doll. The best thing about these is they are re-fillable so I’ve just ordered the refill, I like that there’s a reduction in packaging and plastic disposal. My first experience with a Korean Beauty item has been awesome – I wonder what to try next…

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