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Under Construction – Taking A Break

SneakPeak-1If you’ve noticed the lack of posts and videos – this is why. The long time renovation is nearing it’s end! What was meant to be a 1 month deal turned into a long, 3 months that haven’t ended quite yet. Above is a sneak peek, a preview if you will of the new space I’ll be inhabiting with the fiancé and Theo. I promise it’s better lit the in the photo, but you’ll have to wait and see won’t you? For more sneak peeks keep reading.
So yes, we will probably be moving within a few weeks – but now there’s door frames to paint, flooring panels to attach and ikea furniture to assemble. You can expect me to share most of the space- I’m not sure how comfortable I am with an entire “house” tour but you will def be able to see bits and pieces here, on Youtube, on Instagram and on my latest addiction – Snapchat.

I’ll leave you with two space details to enjoy – and yes, there’s a lot of white/grey/wood.SneakPeak-2

I foresee a succulent in my future.

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