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A Minimal 5 Product Face

5 product face

An entire face with only 5 products is a daunting thing for a product junkie with a tendency to mix 3 foundations for the perfect finish/tone/coverage. However an early start on the weekend prompted this minimal look that takes very little time to do. Want to see the how and why of it all? Just watch.

It’s by no means a full coverage look, but what’s beauty without a few flaws? With a range of products that I truelove it’s hard to go wrong. There’s the Chantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturiser that I was unsure of at first but now love, and the shade Bliss is a perfect match. For extra coverage the Chanel Perfecting Long Lasting concealer does the job of being light but covering, and to build extra coverage I like mixing it with a bit of the Just Skin. A slick of mascara, waterproof since there’s no powder here, with the L’Oreal Miss Manga gives some definition to the eyes but it’s over the top. For natural, bushy brows that look better than my naked ones a brow mascara like the Essence Make Me Brow does the job with minimal fussing. The final step is a mix of lips/cheeks/eyes with Tom Ford’s Lip Color in Violet Fatale dabbed on and mixed with some other bits gives a dash of colour to the skin.

I’m loving this minimal makeup thing – what’s your current love?

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  • Damn, that Chantecaille just skin seems great! I’m trying to finish up a tube of my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, then i think i’lll move onto the Just Skin.

    • It’s so good I’m dreading the end of this tube!