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First Impression: Glossier Phase 2

Glossier Phase 2If you’re into marketing, start ups and beauty you’ve probably heard of Glossier. In short – it’s a line made by the people behind Into The Gloss, they started with skincare and recently launched a new range. Named Glossier Phase 2, it’s got all you need to round out your Glossier-girl look (natural, minimal, glowing). There’s the ever so popular Boy Brow and two new products to the line The Stretch Concealer and Generation G lipstick. As a total Glossier groupie I had to get it and here are my first thoughts *spoiler – I like it a lot*.Glossier Boy Brow

Starting off with Boy Brow, which I already owned, I got the shade Brown to match my hair. It’s waxy, with a softer finish than something like the L’Oreal Brow Plumper or the Benefit Gimme Brow. It gives you existing hairs an extra bit of oomph and keeps them in place without being crunchy. Not that great for sparse brows that need filling in, but amazing for defining them and shaping.

Glossier Stretch Concealer Light
Then you’ve got the Stretch Concealer. It’s very different to any concealer I’ve tried in the past, and I love concealers! If I had to find something comparable I’d say the texture reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Creamy Correctors but more dewy and sheer. I got the shade light and find that it’s good for both under my eyes for a little pick me up and works well on my face. While they say it’s build able, and it is, I can’t get more than medium coverage with it. It’s a pretty perfect companion to the Skin Tint from Phase 1.
Glossier Phase 2 Concealer Light Swatch
L-R: Skin Tint in Light, Stretch Concealer in Light (Blended & Heavy Swatch)

Last of all there’s the Generation G lipsticks. I actually got 3 shades from the range, but there’ll be a post all about that later. I find these to be very nice, sheer and build able with a matte finish similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolutions. It’s a matte lip that’s luminous at the same time! Very comfortable on the lips, they do feel balm-like as advertised but don’t have the slippy feeling of a balm. Long lasting they are not, but easy to apply without a mirror due to the slanted tip and slim tube. Here’s me with Like on, it looks like my lips but better with a soft rose pink hue.Glossier Generation G Like

If your a high coverage girl I wouldn’t go for this line, but if you’ve been getting on the “embracing my skin” band wagon definitely check it out. A word of warning – the face products are very dewy, the concealer has a finish similar to a BB cream as does the skin tint so it may not be for everyone. The Boy Brow is amazing and I’m loving these lipsticks too!

Have you tried the Glossier Phase 2? What are you looking forward to trying?

Glossier Products can be purchased on (US only for now, I have lovely friends state-side).
To get 20% off your first purchase *I get 10$ in store credit if you do* – CLICK HERE!

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