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An Ode to: Jo Malone Diffuser

Jo Malone DiffuserIf you’ve ever moved, be it to a newly remodelled space or not, you may have encountered the fact that it doesn’t smell like home. There’s this strange paint/plaster scent that lingers forever and then tapers out into something that most definitely is not what I want my home to smell like. To the rescue come candles and one amazing diffuser.

I have coveted the Jo Malone diffusers for a long time, mostly I find the design of diffusers to be frumpy but this one is all sleek lines and pretty contrasts. On my November trip to London the very lovely boy bought it for us to put in our new home (despite it being finished significantly later than expected). We’ve got an open plan living/dining/kitchen area so candles have a bit of a struggle to truly scent the space.

Last Friday we cleared away the remaining bits of construction materials, screw drivers and Ikea bits were abound, and I cracked out this beauty. Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir scent is my favourite from them for the home, on me the perfume does truly work all that well, and it’s noticeable from our sofa to our kitchen. Having a nice sweet-sexy-masculine scent floating about makes me feel so much more at ease, at home. Who knew a scent could impact a space that much?

So far it hasn’t bombarded my nose with ti’s scent, it’s more of a gently enveloping thing really. I love how comforting it is and how pretty it looks on my shelf. Now if only Diptyque made one in the Feu de Bois fragrance my life will be complete.

How do you scent your home? My closet currently smells like fresh paint and Ikea Malm, but I’m not keen on having the diffuser hang out in there with my clothing… Any suggestions will be very very welcome!

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