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Quick Review: Hylamide

HylamideI have a penchant for hyaluronic acid. With dehydrated skin pretty much year round and a goal to be as glowy as possible, I’m bound to need a small boost in the moisture department. I’ve tried all the hyped up hyaluronic-acid filled offerings, hydraluron (great, a tad sticky) and the Sarah Chapman #1 booster (too good for words) are some other the ones I enjoyed. I heard about the Hylamide Low-Molecular HA booster somewhere on line and decided to order it since they offer free international shipping.

You probably already know that Hyaluronic acid is basically magic for the skin. It’s a special thing, sticks to the skin and helps in the absorption of moisture into it. Do note that basically anything you can buy without a prescription is only going to affect the upper layer of skin and won’t penetrate so it’s “superficial” in a way. Other than that it’s pretty awesome for my skin at least, and Hylamide’s Low Molecular HA booster is a great alternative to some other more pricier products.

Now I won’t lie and tell you this is exactly like the Sarah Chapman #1 booster, it’s not. There’s a difference in texture first of all, the Hylamide is more of a gel like consistency. If pushed to the wall I’d say the Sarah Chapman is more effective, it truly does make the skin feel like it’s had a big gulp of ice water on a hot day – where the Hylamide HA bppster just makes me feel like my moisturiser is doing a better job.

I apply a couple of drops onto my palm and pat them into the skin until it feels sticky, it’s the same sensation you’d get from hydraluron but less tacky. Once those are in I like to layer a moisturiser or a dry oil on top. I’m not sure if I’ll be repurchasing this product again – I’m curious about products from NIOD which is a sister brand to Hylamide. It is a pretty great starter hyaluronic booster, if you want to try it out but don’t want to splurge, or for someone with normal skin who needs a bit of a moisture boost from heating/air conditioning/dry weather.

It’s not love like it is with the Sarah Chapman but it’s a good product. I’ll be finishing it off before continuing on this Hyaluronic Acid serum adventure…

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