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A Small Re-design

DSC_8524You may have not noticed but I’ve done a mini-redesign! I was a little bored of my cursive pink logo and felt like everything needed a spot more colour. It felt like it was time for a spring refresh filled with pinks and corals as well as a new photo for those social media backgrounds. If you want to know more about the process keep color title

My new logo is all caps which gives me some vintage vibes – if you’re interested this font is named “Intro”, I messed a little bit with the letter spacing and widths to tweak it for myself. I went with a light coral-ish pink which is reminiscent of my past colour but a bit warmer. I felt like everything was lacking a bit of contrast so I added a pop of a deep coral pink. I intended to have a drop-shadow but it wasn’t giving me the effect I wanted to I just layered the lighter pink over the darker and offset them. It’s giving me these 50’s vintage sign vibes and I’m loving it!


For my social media I like to have matching cover art for “continuity”, as you saw there’s a new image which is up up above. But using just the image is a bit much for me, with so many items and colours going on. Since I loved how the logo turned out I wanted to have it there too so a solution needed to be found.
What I did was use a lens blur filter on the original image to soften it a bit and I turned down the opacity to 30%. I layered the photo onto a light gray fill layer, and over those put the logo. All that was left to do was save it for the different platforms! Twitter, Facebook and Youtube all require different sizes and layouts due to where the profile picture is placed so make sure you’ve got it all prepped for those.

And that’s all really – I’ve got this new redesign that I’m super excited about! Nothing beats a refresh eh?

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