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Topshop Nails Nice’n’Neutral

Topshop Nice'n'NeutralIt’s been a good while since I spoke about nails, and nail polish in general. It’s mainly due to me not having any nails that would warrant a coat of paint, and even if I did paint them – have it chip within moments. It’s not the polish’s fault by any means – I don’t expect any formula to stand the wear of manually sanding a wooden worktop. So with the end in sight I went for a polish that’ll make even the worst looking nails look good – Topshop Nails Nice’n’Neutral.

I know that a post about a nail polish should probably include a picture of ones nails adorned by said shade. You’ll excuse me for skipping out, my hands look like a handyman’s in the middle of a fridge winter and no amount of hand cream or cuticle oil are cutting it at the moment. It’s a dry, flakey, ragged mess I’d rather not document.

Despite the lack of swatches in this post – hear me out will you? This for me is the perfect “hands are not healthy, let’s fool the world” shade. I’d say it’s an antiqued rose nude, it’s a neutral but it’s not… too neutral? I find that on me some of the more nude nail polishes result in mannequin hands or worst an ashy skin tone. Being of the non-tan variety of human ashy hands are the worst. This colour makes my hands look a smidge tanner than they are all while elongating my rather short fingers. WIN.

Now let’s talk about the amazing things it does to my short nails. I was once a nail-biter and still succumb to it in times of stress despite all efforts to do otherwise, and let me tell you moving is stressful (as is un-move related family drama). My nails did not survive the strenuous painting/assembling/screwing/oiling/sanding activities I exposed them to. Even if they had weathered that storm – my teeth wouldn’t have left a nail standing. Brittle, tiny things they are a good 3 layers of polish to bumpf them up was needed but normal people can totally stop at two. I’ve found that light colours can make nails seem short whilst dark colour emphasise all imperfections in shape. This mid-toned pink doesn’t do either, my nails don’t look long by any means but neither do they look like an unfortunate accident.

All in all Topshop Nails Nice’n’Neutral is exactly that – Nice and Neutral! It’s not an exciting or fun shade in the least but it’s a great one for sorry nails or if you’re on the market for a nude that doesn’t grey you out.

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