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Line I Love: Soap & Glory Orangeasm

Soap & Glory OrangasmA little, okay long, while back I did a bout of shopping in Boots whilst in London. Between the bits that I picked up was the entire Orangeasm range, body wash, polish and butter all went into my basket. Yes, I did lug it back all the way from the UK – and now it’s happily residing in my bathroom.So why do I like this range? Like most Soap & Glory products that I’ve tried the Orangeasm line offers quality at a low price point. The smell is basically a citrus explosion, and the textures are spot on. Let’s start off with the Body wash – it’s got a pump which makes it optimal for in shower use or for lathering on in the tub. Whatever floats your boat it’s likely this will work, I’m not too sure about it’s foaming capabilities in a tub of milk a la Cleopatra but you get the gist. I sometimes find that very moisturising body washes can sometimes leave you feeling not clean enough and others leave my skin stripped – this is not the case here. There’s a nice balance of clean/moisture going on.
The Exfoliating Body Polish rocks for anyone who suffers from a case of scaly skin. If you too are resembling a snake post winter grab some of this and get rubbing! It’s not too rough that it leaves you feeling like you’ve just gone at your skin with sandpaper nor is it so gentle that it doesn’t help solve the scale situation. Between the invigorating scent to the exfoliating action you’ll feel awake and smooth.
Last of all there’s the Body Butter – and when they say butter they are not kidding. It’s a very thick consistency which could be scary since you’d think there’s no way that’ll sink in. Wrong.
It does need a fair bit of rubbing in, it’s not a milk or lotion, but once you’ve smoothed it over your limbs it doesn’t really hang around that much. The scent though? That’ll hang around for a bit! It’s not overwhelming or sickly, just a nice haze of citrus.

Have you tried anything from the Soap & Glory body range? What’s your favourite?

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