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Quick Review: Giorgio Armani Master Corrector

Giorgio Armani Master CorrectorAround two weeks ago I finally got the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in the mail, while I don’t have the worst under-eye circles a recent change in my life led me to believe that I might need some aid in that department. I wasn’t wrong – but more on that in a few weeks. So my adventures in colour-correcting my under-eyes began with it being one of the hottest trends (if my inbox is to be believed). The Giorgio Armani Master Corrector has been around for a while but is it worth the hype? Here are my two cents.Let me preface everything with – I have a naturally occurring crease under my eyes. There’s nothing to be done, no baking can solve it and some Korean brands have products meant to replicate this fold. So yes I find that most products, will eventually, crease or migrate on me. Despite this strange phenomenon I’ve found that this corrector is super light and thus creases less. Hurray!

In terms of colour correcting it does the job. I’m very fair, lightest shade possible pale, and my discolouration takes form in cool-purplish-greenish tones. The peachy pink corrector is just enough to cancel it out – but not enough to make concealing the correction a hassle.

So is this worth $39? Depends on how bad you discolouration is and how much you usually crease. For example, the Bobbi Brown corrector and I didn’t really get along as it was too creamy for me. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of new colour correctors available on the market now and are willing to splurge on something tried and true – try the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector.



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