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A Weekend Pamper

A Weekend PamperIt’s the weekend! Time to unwind, prep those meals for the week, wash the hair and give yourself a pamper. For me nothing is more synonymous with pamper-session than a face mask in a bath. Here are my top picks for one epic weekend pamper.

Starting off with a scent ’cause nothing beats a candle. I’m currently burning Diptyque’s Bais candle which I was gifted by a very lovely friend. It’s a fruity comforting scent that’s perfect for unwinding, I also like Feu des Bois and Figuer.
Once the room’s nice and candle-filled its time to draw a bath! I like mine pipping hot and supplemented with a little something. Sometimes I’m in a bubbly mood and got for Lush’s The Comforter, other days I’m all for the ultra relaxing Therapie Himalayan Bath Salts. This time I went for the ultra luxe Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil. A few drops make for a rich bath that’s fragrant.

Now let’s talk face – I like to layer of a cleansing/resurfacing mask to slough off the week’s grime and dirt. Origin’s Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay is a nice mix of cleansing and exfoliating, I layer it on whilst drawing my bath and wash it off when the bath is ready. The I either place a sheet mask on and chill for a while or I slather a moisture booster on, like the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, and read on my kindle.

How do you round out your weekend? Relaxing with a book or a night out or what?

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  • The Origins Mask sounds right up my street, I actually just bought a set from Sephora and I think there is a mini of that mask in the set, so I’m excited to try it 🙂
    xxx Claire