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eyebrowsEyebrows they can be amazing, they can be not amazing – but regardless of it, they are there. I have quite a lot of eyebrow in the first place but that doesn’t mean they look good on their own. Here are the tools and products I’ve been loving lately to keep those face framers nice and tidy.I’ve got brows that have quite long hair, and my hair likes to grow where it shouldn’t so first of all I tweeze. It’s a bi-weekly thing for me, just to keep my share somewhat clean looking. I really should go get my brows done but can’t be bothered to so tweezing it is. The Tweezerman tweezers are where it’s at! Lately faceshaving is all the rage (again?) but I’ve got a few active breakouts and that’s not an option for me. Using a little razor to clean up around my brows is an option, and one that I like. I use this Japonesque razor to clean up above my brows very carefully, this is where I have some pesky baby hairs that have got to go.

As for products I’ve got the natural and bushy route or the more defined and shaped option.
For super bushy brows I simply go to town with Glossier’s Boy Brow in Brown, one coat two coat three coat sometimes four. Building up those brows and brushing them up up and away is the technique. For the tails or areas that are a little sparse I take some Boy Brow on this Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush and use it as though it were a brow pomade. A run thru with the spooly and I’m done.

To get them defined and shapes I use a pencil, or in this case the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow. It’s similar to the Anastasia Brow Definer or the Hourglass one, meaning it’s got a sword shape (that triangle shaped nib) and a spooly. I’ve got Grey Brown and it’s a pretty awesome match for my hair, if maybe a smidge dark. I run it through the brows lightly with the wide tip, then twist it around and draw in some hairs as needed with the pointy end (Buffy references FTW). A slick of Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel makes sure no hairs are out of place. This stuff is brow super glue.

And that’s it for me and my brows – you can see them in action over on Snapchat every once in a while so add me for skincare and cat adventures!

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