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Where Have I Gone?

Work Life BalanceAh, it has been a long time since I’ve last typed here. In a nutshell I’ve disappeared to the land of adult life and have found work life balance difficult. In the past month I’ve simply been overwhelmed with finding time. From moving and attempting to put the final touches on our new home to trying to grasp how much food two people need for a week to starting a new full time job it’s been a bit much. If you’re here you probably have some interest in my blog and writings so, I’m not saying this is 100% guaranteed, this is how I plan to move forward (in the spirit of transparency and all).

I’m a firm believer in content consistency.

Having readers know that they can expect some fresh content on a certain day helps them find your stuff and helps you create it. I’ve written a post about my scheduling tool – the editorial calendar, so check it out. However I’m not too sure I can commit to posts every other day anymore – I’ll try but if over the next month or two things are a little spotty… Well, you know why now.

Earlier this year I launched a version of the blog in hebrew – and I think that maintaining it is crucial to me. Whilst I mostly operate in english in my home and somewhat in my work environment I can really tell that I’m lacking in content skills in my (other) native language and this? It’s kind of getting me down. I’m going to go so far as to say that I’ll be prioritising making those posts happen over publishing new ones.

Lastly there’s YouTube. If you aren’t subscribed just yet – go go go! I’ve truly found that I love this medium, perhaps more than I love the written word (and I do love it). Producing video content is far more time consuming than putting out a blogpost there’s no doubt about it. It also requires certain conditions that I don’t always have available – like non-partying neighbours. I’m planning on sticking to my 2 a week scheduling in June, with an English video on Sundays and a Hebrew video on Fridays. My info boxes may not always be complete – but bear with me.

Watch this space for some awesome pieces of content and check out my Snapchat for more of my day to day. It includes me in the car, me walking to work, sneaky selfies in the open space and my nightly skin care routine. Oh and cats. All the cats.

or by name Darisholy
or by name Darisholy

That’s it, I’ve said (most) of what I had to say. I’ve been busy, and learning to balance work/life balance is difficult. Hopefully I’ll have some insights to share once I actually get it down ’cause #adulting is kinda rough.

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