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Quick Review: Glossier HaloScope

Glossier HaloscopeHighlighters are a bit of a thing in recent makeup history. From ultra pigmented stripes of glowing reflected goodness to the sheerer more dewy formulas there’s a little bit for everyone. So when everyones cool girl, no makeup makeup brand came out with two glow inducing sticks I had to get them both. Curious about the Glossier Haloscope? Here is a review for you.DSC_9186

I’ll start off by saying there’s not that much product but you don’t need much to begin with. Haloscope comes in two shades Quartz and Topaz, Quartz is enriched with real pink quartz crystal and Topaz with golden topaz. It’s got a super dewy finish due to the inner core of moisturising goodness, and gives the glow with an outer ring of pigment.

Glossier HaloscopeAs a pale skinned person it was obvious to me the Quartz the light pink shade that’s a bit like a shimmery rose champagne or Froze (frozen rose look it up!) will work for me. Topaz, I was a bit more hesitant on. However after watching the lovely Eva Alt demonstrate how to get a sunglasses-faux-tan with Topaz in the cart it went.

These apply like a dream, a quick swipe and they are on in their sheer, glowy, glory.I like applying directly onto the cheeks but for extra concentrated glow you can rub a finger round and round on the outer ring and pat on. These also blend out super quick so there’s no splotchy, patchy or strange happenings abound.

So far I’ve embraced the glazed donut look. With 30 degrees celsius outside on average and about 80% humidity there’s no true way to avoid it here (other than becoming a hermit till fall). If you can beat the heat, join it. Fare the sweat induced glow with the Glossier Haloscope with a quick swipe.

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