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MascarasIt’s been a little while since I did a mascara round-up.While this one is not very exciting, it does include a few of my solid favorites and as always I thought I would share my two cents on the bunch. As I type this I’ve opened a brand new tube of mascara, more on it later in the month, and am saying goodbye to two pictured here. Onto the details about this rather pink and black bunch of lash defining tubes.

Maybelline The Falsies Push-Up-Drama

This one definitely brings in the drama. It’s my most recent drugstore mascara purchase, and I’ve got a second tube waiting, and overall I’m okay with it. It’s a more clumpy look, and the formula is a bit wetter than I like. The brush on it is huge! Very spikey plastic bristles with very little give that’s somewhat similar to Le Volume but more dispersed, the end result is different though. I did get some smudging with it so it’s not ideal for an entire day for me, but the oomph it gives lashes makes it a pretty great pop out to the shops or meet for coffee mascara. Overall it’s a volumizing mascara with a bit of length thrown it, doesn’t layer up too well and can get clumpy-spidery pretty quick.

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

Definitely one of my Holy Grails, this mascara just does all the things I want it to do. From an amazing formula to a really great brush this takes my okay lashes and turns up the volume. It’s not lengthening but it does plump up lashes so you get some drama there. The brush’s tapered tip lets me make sure every hair is coats root to tip without making a mess of my eyeshadow. When its super hot – or if I’ve used a greasy haloscope as eyeshadow it can transfer to my top lid but it’s not too bad and wipes away easily. If it weren’t so damn pricey I’d be swimming in tubes of this stuff.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

This is an oldie but a goodie for me, it’s a trustworthy mascara if there ever was one. This is a mascara that gives you full, long lashes with some curl and definition. It doesn’t smudge, clump or get spidery one me. The plastic brush is curved and its pretty easy to get all of your lashes in two strokes. Because of the shape of the brush you get nice fanned out lashes which are my fave for everyday. Two-three coats are all I need, any more and well it might get a little spider leggy. Formula is not too dry but not too wet and the price is super comfy. Overall one I’ll be repurchasing until I get bored of it.

L’oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara in Waterproof

I was obsessed with the Miss Manga line a while back and had this one last tube of the waterproof lying around. As the Push Up Drama mascara smudged during the day I turned to the waterproof knowing it won’t smudge. It did not smudge that’s for sure but I found that I didn’t love this like I used to, the formula is drier than I’m used to nowadays and the wand is greta for reaching all the lashes but doesn’t beef up my lashes like I want it to. For a subtle defined lash that’s almost natural and smudge proof this is a good one.

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